Alpa Depani

Alpa Depani is a practising architect and artist with a long-standing interest in the public realm and place making. She is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture - BA at the School of Art, Architecture and Design. 

Alpa Depani, a female lecturer with short hair in a black T-shirt, smiles to camera.

Alpa Depani

Initially studying Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, Alpa went on to study Architecture at The Bartlett UCL (University College London), the School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University, Korea National University of the Arts and Westminster University. She has worked in a range of award-winning London practices for nearly ten years.

Alpa’s work explores the interface between landscape and architecture, allowing for equivalent readings of both at all scales through a variety of media, thus emphasising the connectivity of creative disciplines.

A determined social agenda runs through all of Alpa's projects, which emphasises not just the individual experience but also focuses on where others contribute and fit in our reading of the built environment.

In 2017, Alpa was awarded a prestigious Travel Fellowship by Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in conjunction with the British Council for her project titled Bottom Up Approaches to Small Scale Public Realm in Dense Cities, a comparative study of public space provision and design in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.