Andrew Hewish

Andrew Hewish is a contemporary artist and curator in London, who works in a variety of media. He is also the Coordinator of Critical Contextual Studies in Art and Photography at the School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Andrew Hewish representation

Andrew Hewish

Andrew Hewish holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art (RCA) under the supervision of Barry Curtis and Ian Kiaer; an MRes from the London Consortium (Tate, Science Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts [ICA], Architectural Association School of Architecture [AA], Birkbeck), as well as a MintS (The University of Sydney), an MFA (The University of New South Wales, previously COFA), a grad Dip Ed (The University of New England) and is currently studying with the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Education.

In 2004 he founded the Centre for Recent Drawing, a social practice and a UK charity which has curated over 100 exhibitions in drawing and where he remains as Executive Director. He sits on the board of Poetry School, a UK charity, and has previosuly curated the public engagement in research and exhibtion programme at the Warburg Institute, University of London, and has been Visiting Academic at the University of Oxford's Ruskin School of Art.

Andrew is the Coordinator of Critical Contextual Studies (Art and Photography), and has taught at the School of Art, Architecture and Design since 2009. He teaches Critical and Contextual Studies and studio practice at undergraduate level has previously supervised on the MA by Project.

Andrew's work addresses the interdependent relations between objects and the demands of historical form within art practice. This work develops in the tension between the contingencies of the studio, the logic of accretion, and the interjections of the world at large; adrift, lyrical, resistant – in his work a poetics of indeterminacy circles the mute presence of material and things; painting practice is explored as a play of detritus. His work has been exhibited variously in the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Germany, Lithuania and Belgium.

Andrew received the London Met Students' Union Award for Outstanding Lecturer in 2014.


  • Critical Contextual Studies (Art and Photography)
  • Fine Art Studio
  • MA by Project

Areas of expertise

  • Drawing/line
  • Painting
  • Critical writing
  • Curating
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Dr Andrew Hewish
Coordinator, Critical Contextual Studies (Art and Photography)
Senior Lecturer, Fine Art