Dr Lesley Stevenson

Lesley is the Coordinator for Critical and Contextual Studies for 3D.

A photograph of hanging artwork containing everyday objects such as a bicycle and a cheese grater

Dr Lesley Stevenson

Lesley is the Coordinator for Critical and Contextual Studies for 3D. She has taught in a number of universities in the UK, where she has offered courses in art and design history, photography history and theory, and cultural studies at all levels from undergraduate through to doctoral studies. She has an MA in Art History and Philosophy from the University of Glasgow and a PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

At the School of Art, Architecture and Design, Lesley has taught Critical and Contextual Studies for students in Visual Communication and Research Methods for those studying design-related MAs, and is currently teaching 3D students (fashion, textiles, furniture and product).

In 2015–16, she led the dissertation studio, Critical Theory and Design, and in 2016–17, Fashioning Culture: Clothing and the Shaping of Identity.

In 2017–18, her dissertation studio is Souvenir.

Lesley has published widely in the field of visual cultures. Her publications include:


  • Gauguin, Bison Books, 1990
  • Renoir, Bison Books, 1991
  • Toulouse-Lautrec, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1991
  • Manet, Bison Books, 1992 

Exhibition catalogues

  • "In Search of the Past: the Case of Still Life" in Inspiring Impressionism, Yale University Press, 2007 (to accompany the exhibition in Denver, Atlanta and Seattle)
  • "The Still Life in France: Tradition and Equivocation" in  O Silêncio da Matéria. A Natureza-Morta na Europa /In the Presence of Things: Four Centuries of European Still-Life Painting: Part One 17th and 18th Centuries for the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, 2010

Edited collections 

  • (As co-editor with Garin Dowd and Jeremy Strong) Genre Matters: Essays in Theory and Criticism, Intellect Books, 2006 

Book chapters

"Seduced by Art: the Problem with Photography" in (eds) Natalia Rulyova and Garin Dowd Genre Trajectories: Identifying, Mapping, Projecting, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

Journal articles

  • "Fruits of Illusion", Oxford Art Journal, vol.16, no. 2, Autumn 1993
  • "The Subaltern speaks out", Art History, vol. 29, issue 3, June 2006
  • "The View from Below: a Still Life at the Salon des Refusés", Burlington Magazine, vol. CXLIX, no. 1250, May 2007
  • "Sister Arts or Sibling Rivalry: Cézanne and the Logic of the Senses" Word & Image, April – September 2008
  • Review of Aruna D’Souza and Tom McDonough The Invisible Flâneuse?: Gender, Public Space, and Visual Culture in Nineteenth-Century Paris, Manchester University Press, 2006 in Journal of Consumer Culture, vol. 7(3) November 2007, pp.406-8
  • Review of Charles Baudelaire Salon de 1859, Honoré Champion, 2006, in The Burlington Magazine, vol. CL, May 2008, p.339
  • Review of The Window in Photographs, The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2013, in History of Photography, vol.38 (3) August 2014, pp.321-2 

She has also helped organise a number of academic conferences: Genre: an Interdisciplinary Conference (Thames Valley University 2002); The Senses (Thames Valley University 2004); Practice as Research (University of West London 2014) and Audiences, Mediation and Materials (University of West London 2015)