Simone Maier

Simone is an Associate Lecturer at the School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Simone Maier

More about Simone Maier

Simone grew up near Melbourne, Australia. In 2000, she was awarded a BA in English and Visual Performing Arts from Monash University before moving to the UK. She worked in IT for more than a decade until returning to study BA Fine Arts (Hons), graduating for a second time in 2018. In 2019, she was awarded a PGCert & became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

Simone is currently studying towards an MA in art education at the Institute of Education, UCL.

Simone teaches with a social constructivist pedagogy and her creative practice engages with sculpture, with reoccurring themes including the boundaries between poetry and sculpture. She also leads the AAD's foundation's Critical Creative Practice module & tutors in the art studio.

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Simone Maier (FHEA)