Torange Khonsari

Torange Khonsari obtained her professional Diploma at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, July 1998.

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Torange Khonsari

Torange Khonsari co-founded the art and architecture practice public works in 2004, an interdisciplinary practice working in the threshold of participatory and performative art, architecture and related fields of anthropology, always engaged with collaborative methods and notions of civic in the city. Her collective practice is a vehicle that tests the academic research undertaken within her university teaching. Torange has taught at RCA, UMA School of Architecture in Sweden, and is currently course leader for the Design for Cultural Commons MA at London Met. She also serves as a visiting Professor at Barbican and Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Torange has published in academic books and journals, given keynote speeches at conferences and has been invited to chair panels at symposiums internationally. She has been a consultant to UN Habitat on participation and is currently a consultant to Greater London Authority - London Mayor's Specialist assistant team on community development.


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 Peer reviewed conferences papers 2016-18:  

  • AAG (Association of American Geographers) - Abstract accepted for paper: Urban commons and its structures of power, Panel accepted at society of anthropologists annual conference 2018 - collaborative panel with PHD candidate performing arts - Mehrdad Seyf Anglia Ruskin University
  • Edge - Situated practice in art, architecture and urbanism. Paper: The Common Room: situated knowledge in making a neighbourhood, UCL London 2017 
  • Keynote Speaker: Experimental Cities conference. Paper: Architect as Host. Aalborg University Copenhagen. Denmark 2017
  • Critical London Conference. Paper: Architect as Host. Panel: radical Hospitality. London Southbank University. UK. May 2017
  • AAG (Association of American Geographers) Conference. Paper: Temporary architecture as a contemporarytypology for place making. Panel: Place making. San Francisco. USA 2016 

Peer reviewed books and journals 2016-18: 

  • Chapter: Temporary architecture as a contemporary typology for place making. Book Placemaking, release in January 2018 - Routledge
  • Chapter: Communal garden and the liminal city. Release in December 2017 by Routledge
  • Paper: A discourse analysis of the construction of a civic neighbourhood
  • Book: My Home Is Your Home. Chapter 3: Constructing a place to host - pp68-71- edited by Torange Khonsari, ISBN: 978-1-906318-05-5. June 2016.