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Cass 3D

At The Cass and in 3D particularly, the design and production of objects exploits your creativity through research-active practical projects in which final objects are informed by the both the requirements of industry and your ambition and talents as a designer and maker.

In all of our courses, creativity is an academic attribute that is expressed by physical manifestations of material output – in other words, by making things intelligently through an enquiring and experimental approach. We believe that there is no substitute for the direct experience of making your designs for real, with professional and industry-standard materials, processes and equipment, which is what you will do. At The Cass, you won't spend your time watching others, or commissioning others to make your designs – you'll make them yourself, and we're well equipped for you to do so.

Our courses consist of practical studio and workshop-based making, in conjunction with design methods, communication techniques and contextual studies, enabling a well-rounded practice. All levels include live projects where final presentations give you experience in a stimulating, real-world environment. These opportunities to interact with industry leaders are invaluable in the development of engaged professional practice within the University.

Undergraduate courses 

Furniture and Product Design BA and Furniture FdA involve you in a range of design and make methods from the starting point of concept generation, expressed through drawing and modelling, to final construction – utilising our industry-quality studios and workshops. We challenge the essence of furniture and products in the broadest sense, with industry projects helping develop the cultural context of furniture and its applications. The results are objects that span a broad range: domestic and corporate, interior and exterior, traditional and radical, practical and conceptual.

Fashion Accessories and Jewellery BA is an energetic and creative course for students who have a passion for adornment and want to make it an exciting career. You'll undertake a range of experimental projects developing accessories such as eyewear, handbags, watches, belts, jewellery and even medical aids such as ear wear and decorative prosthetics for performance. Consider the body as the theatre to show off your work with your final show as the start of your future as a broad-based creative practitioner offering a new approach to accessories and jewellery.

Textiles - BA is central to the worlds of fashion, products and interiors; exploring the field with individual creativity through visual research, design and textile making. Practical sessions entail workshop learning with projects in print, weave, knit and mixed media, using technological and traditional methods of design production in integrated studio and workshop projects. You'll be taking part in live projects, competitions, visiting trade events and commercial locations to ensure you're familiar with how the industry operates, and to prepare you for a successful career.

Fashion - BA (Hons) forges an intellectual and conceptual engagement with cultures in the haute couture fashion houses of Paris, London, Milan and New York. You will engage very quickly with the realities of producing a show collection and develop a broad range of skills in the first two years leading towards your final major project catwalk show. Tutors are professionals in the industry themselves, have a wealth of contacts that enrich your experience, ensuring that our graduates can negotiate the competitive world of fashion.

Design Studio Practice - BA (Hons) at The Cass allows you the freedom to explore a wide range of design thinking and material culture. Based in product design, this course explores interlinking and overlapping disciplines, and enables opportunities for collaborative working with practitioners from architects to textile designers. We challenge old forms of use and purpose; enhancing and encouraging the clever and articulate application of both form and function. The course is for those who want to work in 3D, but do not want to be pigeonholed as any specific sort of designer, but rather want to be able to apply their own unique approach and sensibility to commissions or projects of many kinds.

At The Cass we are renowned for producing thoughtful skill-based expertise and high-quality subject-specific craft practice. Our multi-disciplinary design studio environment exposes you to alternative ‘process’ methodologies, a broad range of technical workshops (both traditional and digital) and an educational philosophy that commands innovation in both design excellence and final outcome. Our watchword is "learning through making".

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