3D Studio 06: Geeks

Studio brief

“Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter” – Marissa Mayer

Studio Geeks is a third-year fashion studio. What is it to be a “geek”? Often thought of as having no style, charisma or beauty, geek is hugely undervalued here and under-credited.

Meaning of geek: 

  • a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast
  • to be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest
  • early 20th century: from Scots and northern English dialect geck "toss the head scornfully"

To be a geek is to have a great passion, a great thirst for knowledge and to celebrate and relish in the sharing of this with others of similar interests. Geeks have given hours and hours to this great passion accumulating an immense wealth of knowledge that they can creatively implement to their chosen field. Geeks have a big imagination and a great capacity for creative thought which can lead to amazing discoveries. Where would our civilisation be without them?!

You are now creating your own world, your own visual language, you have worked hard to get here and have an arsenal of information and skills gathered and ready to use. You must now create your vision of who you are as a designer and bring this idea into a reality. You are now your own leader able to make informed decisions, go forth, and in true geek style, I leave you with the Vulcan value “live long and prosper” – Spock, Star Trek. 

Victorian sepia photo of man's head looking through early 3D viewing device


Course Fashion BA (Hons)
Tutors Roisin Dunne (Studio Lead)
Steph Aman
Jolanta Cerniauskiene
Theresa Hewlett
Paul Seville
Where Calcutta House
When Tuesday and Friday

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