Tales from the Toolbox

Work by Cass postgraduate jewellery student Lieta Marziali features in new international publication.

Date: 20 February 2018

Work by contemporary art jeweller and Cass MA by Project student Lieta Marziali has been featured in the brand new US-published book "Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Tool Box."

The lavishly illustrated large-format volume, edited by British jeweller Mark Fenn and published by US publisher Schiffer Publishing, was finally released in the UK at the beginning of the year: "Featuring 450 full-color photos and 241 of the world’s foremost narrative jewelry makers, this book showcases the best of what today's makers, ranging from newly graduated students to the luminaries of the jewelry world, have to offer us: jewelry that's designed to evoke a range of thoughts and feelings."

Lieta said: "Working with narrative to me has always been as immediate and instinctive as working with jewellery itself. Narrative takes centre stage, directing the maker through constant dialogue and play. And the objects that come to embody this process − resolutely autonomous in their will to exist but sharers of the purpose of their existence − can be a bridge, able to both carry some of the soul of the teller and to re-invent themselves through the bond with the wearer."

You can find out more at www.narrative-jewellery.com and the book can be ordered via all major online booksellers.