Cass Visual Communication

Cass Visual Communication

Cass Visual Communication has a respect for craft, for making and for the heritage of the tools we use to create; but it also has a future-facing ideology using digital technologies to create work of integrity, value and agency. Our facilities are unique. You can work in traditional technologies such as:

  • letterpress in order to understand the principles of typography and digital design
  • printmaking
  • publishing
  • motion graphics
  • animation
  • interactive design
  • experiential design
  • illustration

We continue to teach drawing as a core skill and seek to collaborate with other discipline areas. Our Cass Works facilities mean that you can access 2D and 3D making workshops ranging from screen printing, laser cutting, 3D printing, to ceramics; offering a range of making possibilities unlike any other Visual Communication department in the UK. We carefully consider the commercial world that our graduates will enter and ensure that you become independent and adaptable professionals with core skills that enable a life-long career in the creative industries.

Graphic Design BA, Illustration and Animation BA and Design for Publishing BA employ leading experts in the field to provide you with the right skills and attributes to enter the industry with confidence. You'll learn the very foundations of your specialist subject areas through specialist core skills and develop a culture of thinking through making, in order to understand how best to apply your skills in industry contexts. Interdisciplinary collaboration and thinking is also part of the learning experience, providing opportunities for you to experience and mirror the latest developments in industry practice across the sector. We provide opportunities for you to apply for paid commissioned work on in-house design and illustration projects and for external clients. You can also undertake an internship as part of your work-related learning. The Visual Communication cluster has designers and illustrators in residence, both our alumni and industry professionals creating a culture where students, staff and industry create a dynamic community of practice and studio working culture.

We focus on understanding, reaching and connecting with audiences through visual communication, working to briefs through work-related learning. Through our Hothouse initiative, we connect with leaders in the field to offer the latest insights and mentoring in relation to our three courses. You'll learn to think creatively and strategically, and leave with the ability to create work and fully understand the process of planning, creating, costing, producing and presenting work to clients and audiences across a broad range of outputs. Our graduates may become freelance illustrators, graphic designers and typographers working in publishing, print or editorial; or may find opportunities working as digital designers and illustrators exploring immersive experience design and experiential design. We have developed collaborative working and teaching with our Enterprise Unit Accelerator and our students are crowdfunding and testing fantastic design-related projects that are put into production. We present opportunities for you to extend the potential of your skillset, so you are prepared for the fluid expectations of an ever-changing industry.

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Material and Visual Culture BA combines the study, practice and curation of design, craft, art and applied arts. Innovative and inter-disciplinary, it explores the objects, artefacts and images with which we surround ourselves; helping to shape our cultural and personal identities. It is in the forefront of new ways of thinking about how people and the things that make up their environment interact with and affect each other.

Unlike most courses that study art or visual culture, this course does not privilege any one class or quality of artefact over another – any object from a painting to a dress to a postcard can reveal valuable insights into society and its cultures. Uniquely, the course asks you to work with objects that you have made, or own, or have borrowed or identified in archives and collections, to reveal the different qualities or meanings that they may have, or may be made to have by your curation or interpretation. You will graduate not only knowing a great deal about our material and visual culture and its interpretation, but also having real-world skills in the use and practical application of this knowledge. You will develop your curatorial and publishing skills, presenting your findings and ideas in innovative formats. In the final year you will work on an independent project, designing and managing your own research programme and presenting it in your choice of format, such as a book, film, website, installation or exhibition.

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