Professor Julie Hall appointed as next Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan University

Currently serving as Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost at London Met, Julie will succeed Professor Lynn Dobbs upon her retirement.

Date: 26 June 2024

London Metropolitan University is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Julie Hall as our new Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive.

A professor of Higher Education, Julie's background is in sociology with a particular interest in inclusive teaching and learning, for which she was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2014. She has worked in Higher Education for 36 years, starting her career leading a programme for London Guildhall University, a predecessor institution of London Met.   

Tijs Broeke, Chair of London Met's Board of Governors, who chaired the recruitment panel, said: "Julie was the standout candidate, especially for her unwavering commitment to our core values and her exceptional understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for London Met. 

"Julie has played a key role in London Met’s transformation story and has shown great leadership and vision. She will ensure that we build on the exceptional achievements of Lynn Dobbs’ time as Vice-Chancellor and she is well-positioned to take London Met on the next stage of our journey. The Board is excited about this appointment, having undertaken a full and wide-ranging search to test the market, and we look forward to working closely with Julie to continue advancing our mission and achieving our goals." 

Julie’s appointment follows a comprehensive recruitment process that attracted interest from across the sector. London Met staff were actively involved at every stage, including the final round, where a diverse group of staff members could discuss the University's challenges and opportunities with the final five candidates. 

Expressing her excitement at becoming Vice-Chancellor, Julie said: "I am delighted and deeply honoured to be appointed as the next Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan University. This truly is the pinnacle of my career. I am committed to building on the outstanding legacy of Professor Lynn Dobbs, whose inspirational leadership has set a strong foundation. 

"Lynn has secured London Met’s future, and I am eager to keep this momentum going while also bringing my own ideas and vision to help ensure that London Met continues to transform lives through excellent education." 

The appointment comes following the announcement in January that current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lynn Dobbs, would retire at the end of the year. 

A transformational leader 

Since Professor Lynn Dobbs was appointed Vice-Chancellor in 2018, London Met has experienced significant growth and positive change. Financially, the University has doubled its income, enabling substantial reinvestments in academic programmes, the research and digital infrastructure, and student services. Key initiatives such as rebuilding the research infrastructure, including a significant investment in future minority academic talent through PhD scholarships, founding the London Met Lab and the Race Equity Strategy have greatly enhanced the University's standing in the academic community. 

Lynn's impact on student outcomes and staff morale has been equally impressive. The University achieved an 82% overall satisfaction rate in the 2022 National Student Survey (NSS), significantly higher than the sector average. Additionally, 65% of staff now recommend London Met as a good and compassionate place to work, an increase from 2022 and a significant rise of 34% since 2017. An important milestone was the introduction of the University’s first people strategy and sector-leading family-friendly policies. Her strategic leadership has fostered a supportive and thriving environment, contributing to the University’s overall success and setting a strong foundation for future growth. 

Tijs, commented: "Lynn has provided transformative leadership at London Met, creating a positive environment. Her commitment to financial stability and social justice has laid a solid foundation for the University’s future. The significant improvements in staff morale and academic excellence are a testament to her vision and dedication. As she retires this year, we celebrate her profound impact and the enduring legacy she leaves behind." 

Commenting on Julie’s appointment, Professor Dobbs said: "This was truly my dream job; it has been the culmination of my life’s work to use those experiences to ensure that London Met not only has a future as an independent institution but as one of the most financially sustainable universities in the UK. I am thrilled to see Julie, one of London Met’s own, stepping into the role of Vice-Chancellor. Julie has made a significant contribution to our transformation, which will ensure a seamless transition. Having worked closely with her, I know she is the perfect person to continue our mission and work with our outstanding senior leadership team and amazing community to build on our recent successes." 

A portrait picture of Professor Julie Hall