3D Studio 05: Freaks

Studio brief

Experimentation is key in this studio. This is your chance to discover new things, who you are and what makes you tick. Be bold, be your own warrior, do not be afraid to make noise or a mistake, learn a different concept of what is beautiful and desirable, learn a new way to make, to think and to express. Consider what kind of reaction you want your work to achieve, are you making to inspire fear or elation? Turn your thoughts and perspectives upside down and inside out, is it huge or really tiny, is it ugly or pretty, is it old or new, political, sympathetic, idealistic or dystopian? Now is the time to react and find your voice. There is no looking or thinking about what others will think of your work, do what you feel afraid to do and challenge your personal restraint. Perhaps take inspiration from the Velvet Underground and consider creating "consciously anti-beauty" outcomes. As Frank Zappa said, "Freaking out is a process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricted standards of thinking, dress and social etiquette in order to express CREATIVELY his relationship to his environment and the social structure as a whole”… Come and join the Freak Scene!

1940s black and white film still of female lion-tamer and four snarling lions



Fashion BA (Hons)


Steph Aman (Studio Lead)
Roisin Dunne
Karen Coughlan
Jolanta Cerniauskiene
Theresa Hewlett

Where Calcutta House
When Tuesday and Friday

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