London Met are planting for the future

Staff and student project from the School of Art, Architecture and Design to plant 420 saplings as part of Woodland Trust scheme.

Date: 1 December 2023

The School of Art, Architecture and Design is excited to invite all staff and students, and those on the London Met Lab Empowering London module, to a tree planting event at Mudchute City Farm 

In collaboration with the Woodland Trust’s ‘Free Trees for Schools and Communities’ scheme,  420 trees will be planted, creating a vital 100-meter hedge for wildlife and offsetting up to 100 tonnes of carbon emissions over the trees' lifetime.  

Scheduled for Wednesday 6 December, there are both morning (10am - 12pm) and afternoon (2pm - 4pm) sessions.  This event promises not just a day of environmental action but also a fun experience for everyone involved.  

Associate Professor of Sustainable Architecture, Siân Moxon, emphasised the significance of this initiative, stating, “We want every student to plant a tree during their studies, taking responsibility for their ecological footprint and influencing others through sustainable design and practice.”  

The chosen tree species, including holly, hazel, crab apple, downy birch, hawthorn, and goat willow, will not only create habitats for wildlife but also combat carbon emissions. This project aligns with the School’s environmental declaration , the University’s environmental initiatives and efforts through the London Met Lab, and ongoing research on urban rewilding and home-grown timber conducted by the CUBE and CREATURE research centres. 

The activity is beginner-friendly with guidance provided throughout, so no prior experience is necessary. Participants are recommended to wear warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for outdoor activities on a working farm. Gloves will be provided for those without their own gardening/DIY gloves. 

Siân, the organiser of the event said: “Join us at the Mudchute City Farm, with the meeting point at the 'Ack Ack Gun'. Let’s unite for a greener cause, and sow the seeds for a sustainable future, one tree at a time!” 

Students planting trees at Mudchute Farm

Book online to secure your spot 

Mudchute Park and Farm 
Pier Street 
Isle of Dogs 
London E14 3HP