Interiors at the School of Art, Architecture and Design is dedicated to making space and environments both significant and meaningful. It explores new territories, determining new practice, working with and augmenting leading research. It challenges convention, investigating our society through its cities, high streets and communities. 

The courses set an active agenda, creating collaborations between associations, businesses, enterprise and research bodies, to bring about the latest interior thinking. It asks you to observe, record and develop ideas that transform space, position theory and articulate new approaches.

Our live projects are connected to industry, established brands, London and its communities. Each studio is run by practitioners and researchers in interiors, as well as the built environment. You'll debate the latest knowledge, awareness and understanding, allowing participants to understand political, social and economic factors. This will allow you to think proactively, ensuring the most thoughtful and astute responses.

Students in each of the courses will position themselves within their chosen sectors and build a portfolio that demonstrates their ingenuity, creativity, process, skills base and reflective practice, which will represent its authorship, identity and voice.

We encourage you to participate in competitions that connect with interesting and current debates, in order to appreciate and recognise the ambitions of others and develop dialogues and proposals that seek to make a difference.

Students working together on a project for a group presentation



Four-year degree courses
Interior Design (including foundation year) - BA (Hons)
Interior Architecture and Design (including foundation year) - BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration (including foundation year) - BA (Hons)

Three-year degree courses with preparatory semester
Interior Architecture and Design (with preparatory semester) - BA (Hons)
Interior Design (with preparatory semester) - BA (Hons)

Three-year degree courses
Interior Design - BA (Hons)
Interior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration - BA (Hons)

Top-up degree courses
Interior Design (Top-up) - BA (Hons)
Interior Architecture and Design (Top-up) - BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration (Top-up - BA (Hons) 

Postgraduate courses

Interior Design MA


Masters of Philosophy and Doctorate applications welcomed.

Study Abroad

All applications from those who wish to apply for a semester or one year within: 

  • Interior Design
  • Interior Architecture and Design
  • Interior Design and Decoration

Interiors - Undergraduate courses




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