Dr Jon Tandy

Senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry.

Dr Jon Tandy  

Jon graduated in 2006 from The University of York with a MChem (Hons) in Chemistry. He then continued at York and was awarded a PhD in Chemistry in 2011. He subsequently undertook several postdoctoral research positions at the California Institute of Technology, The University of Leicester and Imperial College London.



Research interests

  • spectroscopic and computational measurements examining aspects of fundamental chemistry at temperatures approaching absolute zero
  • high-speed imaging and emission spectroscopy of light flashes seen during hypervelocity (> 3 km/s) impacts replicating asteroids/meteoroids impacting planetary surfaces, allowing an examination of the highly energetic and dynamic chemical reactions
  • developing a new cryogenic source to replicate the icy mixtures (water, CO2, NH4) found on the surfaces of outer solar system bodies (eg Pluto)

Professional memberships

  • A Sadoon, G Sarma, E Cunningham, JD Tandy, M Hanson-Heine, N Besley, S Yang, AM Ellis, Infrared spectroscopy of NaCl(CH3)n complexes in helium nanodroplets, J Phys Chem A, 120 (2016) 8085-8092.
  • JD Tandy, C Feng, A Boatwright, G Sarma, AM Sadoon, AShirley, N Das Neves Rodrigues, EM Cunningham, S Yang, AM Ellis, Infrared spectroscopy of salt-water complexes, J Chem Phys, 144 (2016) 121103.
  • JM Mihaly, JD Tandy, AJ Rosakis, MA Adams, Pressure-dependent, IR-emitting clouds in hypervelocity impacts, J Appl Mech, 82 (2015) 011004.
  • JD Tandy, JM Mihaly, MA Adams, AJ Rosakis, Examining the temporal evolution of hypervelocity impact phenomena via high speed imaging and UV-visible emission spectroscopy, J Appl Phys, 116 (2014) 034901.
  • B Shepperson, JD Tandy, A Boatwright, C Feng, D Spence, A Shirley, S Yang, AM Ellis, Electronic spectroscopy of toluene in helium nanodroplets: Evidence for a long-lived excited state, J Phys Chem A, 117 (2013) 13591-13595.
  • JM Mihaly, JD Tandy, MA Adams, AJ Rosakis, In situ diagnostics for a small-bore hypervelocity impact facility, Int J Imp Eng, 62 (2013) 13-26.
  • JM Mihaly, AJ Rosakis, MA Adams, JD Tandy, Impact ejecta and debris cloud behavior using laser-side-lighting, Procedia Engineering, 58 (2013) 363-368.

Email: j.tandy@londonmet.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7133 4195

Room: T12-02, Tower Building