Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed is a lecturer of Nursing and Allied Health Professions at the School of Human Sciences.

mohamed ahmed

A research scientist with a background in biomedical science, nursing and emergency prehospital medicine with St John and London Ambulance Service as a volunteer. Previously he worked as a research scientist within the NHS and currently research fellow in Endocrinology and Diabetes in the NHS. Currently Mohamed is working on a PhD within the biomedical sector related to Diabetes. He is also working as a lecturer of nursing and Allied Health Professions within the School of Human Sciences.

Mohamed is teaching within Biological sciences, Biomedical sciences, Nursing and Physiotherapy.

Within these fields Mohamed is the module Leader for NR4001 “Biosciences for Nursing” as well as supporting and teaching on NR4002 and NR4W02. Within biomedical sciences he teaches on BC5051 “Bioanalytical Analysis” “BC5062” Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry as well as providing project supervision for final years. He has a keen interest in clinical research.

Mohamed Ahmed

Lecturer of Nursing and Allied Health Professions