Matthew Lam

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery at the School of Human Sciences.

Matthew Lam is a lecturer in Pharmaceutics and the inventor of Liqui-Pellet technology. He was a clinical hospital pharmacist who obtained an MPharm at King’s College London and trained at the London’s oldest hospital, St Bartholomew's Hospital, before working at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Matthew later completed his Ph.D. at the University of Sussex in designing a novel oral dosage form. In 2019, Matthew came back to the University of Sussex as a Lecturer in Pharmaceutics until 2022. He is still associated with the University of Sussex as a visiting lecturer due to his significant contribution to research. Currently, he is a lecturer in Pharmaceutics at London Metropolitan University, where he is the module leader for master students as well as undergraduate students and is part of the core knowledge exchange group.
He holds a patent for a novel drug delivery technology aimed at improving drug efficacy and safety along with being cost-effective and applying green technology. He is interested in next generation oral drug delivery system, and his current work is protected in major international territories, which has gained attention from various pharmaceutical companies along with being featured in PharmaTimes magazine. Matthew likes to integrate his clinical insight into his research (patient-centered research). He focuses on drug delivery to patients with dysphagia, which is usually seen in elderly patients, and the improvement of safety of drugs via drug delivery approach.
Matthew designs laboratory projects for students, he delivers lectures and tutorials at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Specific field of interest includes:
  • Liqui-Pellet technology (also known as Liqui-Mass technology)
  • Liquisolid technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Controlled release formulation
  • Analytical chemistry/ pharmaceutical analysis
  • Novel approach to increase bioavailability in drugs
  • 3-D printed drugs
Matthew is associated with the University of Sussex as a visiting lecturer due to his significant contribution to research.
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Pfizer - £12K
University of Sussex Enterprise for Liqui-Pellet technology - £40K
University of Sussex commercial support - £16K
Matthew has worked closely with the Sussex Innovation Centre on strategic engagement with pharmaceutical companies for potential commercialisation of Liqui-Pellet technology.
He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Sussex and at the University of Bedfordshire.
He is a PhD external examiner at the University of East Anglia.
Dr Matthew Lam
Lecturer in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery