Dr Una Fairbrother

Dr Una Fairbrother is a Reader in Molecular Genomics for the School of Human Sciences and Head of Researcher Development within the Research and Postgraduate Office. 

Una was appointed as Interim Deputy Dean of Students in October 2022.

Female academic Una Fairbrother stands against a railing and a potted plant as she smiles to camera.

Dr Una Fairbrother

Dr Una Fairbrother is currently a Reader in Molecular Genomics and has been at London Metropolitan University since 2006. In this time, she has been a senior lecturer, a head of subject, an interim head of school and now has a University wide role. Dr Fairbrother has recently been invited to chair the University's Ethics Committee and leads Researcher Development, bringing her energy, enthusiasm and ideas to Prof MacRaild's Research Office.

In this role, she works hard so that all staff are given the opportunity and are in the best possible position to meet Professor Lynn Dobbs' University research goals. Before joining the School of Human Sciences, Dr Fairbrother studied her degree at Kings College, her PhD at the MRC and went on to carry out post doctoral research in UCL, The Institute of Child Health and at Imperial College, London. Initially trained in biochemistry, she developed an interest in molecular biology, genetics and genomics, specifically applied to human complex disease. 

Membership of professional bodies


  • PhD: ‘DMDL, an autosomal homologue of X linked dystrophin; gene expression and cDNA cloning' Human Biochemical Genetics Unit / UCL (1989-1993)
  • BSc Biochemistry, King's College, University of London (1984-1987)

Dr Fairbrother delivers specialist teaching in Metabolic Biochemistry, Genetics and Genomics at undergraduate and postgraduate level and is supervising undergraduate projects and PhD students in the School of Human Sciences. 

Currently, Dr Fairbrother's research work is focussing on telomeres and their role in health and disease.

Research awards

  • £12,000 award from London Met to purchase Agilent qPCR machine (2018)
  • £2,500 award from London Met to present at the ESHG Milan (2018)
  • £3,000 award from London Met for collaboration with FOSCAL: Colombian Children’s hospital "Obesity and children" DNA collection (2012)
  • £3,000 award from London Met for collaboration with UCL and St Georges "Telomere length in health and disease of Colombian children" (2014)


Rescaling Fund, London Metropolitan University: £5,000 for research using new technology in the form of an XDrop instrument to facilitate out enrichment.

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Dr Una Fairbrother
Reader in Molecular Genomics and Head of Researcher Development