Dr Don Green

Dr Don Green is the principal lecturer in molecular biosciences, and also serves as the liaison tutor for London Met's collaborative links with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM).

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Dr Don Green

Dr Don Green is a principal lecturer in Molecular Biosciences and a liaison tutor for collaborative link with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM).

Subject Specialism

  • Bio-Organic and Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics


  • BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science - course leader

Research interests

  • Design of phosphorus base peptidomimetics for use as recognition sequence based anti-thrombotic agents
  • Substrate Related O,O-Dialkyldipeptidylycarboxy benzylphosphonates, a new type of thrombin inhibitor, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon, (2000) 156, 151-5, Green et al.
  • Inhibition of Human ±-Thrombin by a Phosphonate Tripeptide Proceeds via a Metastable Pentacoordinated Phosphorus Intermediate, J.Mol.Biol (2001) 311, 549-555, Skordalakes E, Dodson G, Green D, Goodwin C, Scully M, Hudson H, Kakkar V and Deadman J
  • Bifunctional Peptide Boronate Inhibitors of Thrombin: Crystallographic Analysis of Inhibition Enhanced by Linkage to an Exosite 1 Binding Peptide, Skordalakes E, Elgendy S, Goodwin C, Green D, Scully M, Kakkar V, Freyssinet J, Dodson G and Deadman J, Biochemistry (1998) 37 (41), 14420-14427

Email: d.green@londonmet.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7133 4674

Room: T12-02, Tower Building