Dr Rhiannon Brooks

Rhiannon has experience in teaching a variety of physical and analytical chemistry topics to undergraduate, postgraduate and secondary school students.

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Rhiannon completed her Chemsitry with Medicinal Chemistry MChem (Hons) at the University of Warwick, before joining the Molecular Analytical Science Centre for Doctoral Training, also at Warwick. Here, she completed a one-year master's in Analytical Science, followed by a four-year PhD supervised by Dr Ann Dixon.

Rhiannon was subsequently awarded a competitive research fellowship by the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Warwick, which she undertook for 6 months. During this time she worked as an associate lecturer at London Metropolitan University before moving into her current position.

Rhiannon's research interests include the application of solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance, alongside other spectroscopic techniques, to the analysis of membrane-active peptides and in the design and characterisation of membrane-curvature responsive peptides for applications in drug delivery and diagnostics.

She's also passionate about science communication, outreach and widening participation.

Rhiannon teaches on the following courses:


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Dr Rhiannon Brooks
Lecturer in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science
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