Dr Priyanka Ganguly

Dr. Priyanka Ganguly is a lecturer of analytical chemistry at our School of Human Sciences.

Dr Priyanka Ganguly

More about Dr. Priyanka Ganguly

Priyanka received her PhD in Nanotechnology from the Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland, in 2021 and later spent her postdoctoral time at the University of Glasgow as a Marie Curie researcher. Prior to that she completed her Integrated M.Tech in Nanotechnology from Central University of Jharkhand in 2016 and worked at the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), Trivandrum, for more than 18 months as a master's project trainee.

Priyanka has authored and co-authored more than 30 research articles and presented in several international and national conferences. She has garnered citations of more than 1,000 in less than five years of her research career.

She also received the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Postgraduate Award in 2020 and Kathleen Longsdale Chemistry RIA prize of 2022.

Priyanka's teaching interests lie in analytical sciences and chemistry in general.

She is particularly interested in improving the practical skills and also to enhance the hands-on experience for students with practical examples and applications relevant for industry and research environment.

Her research interests include the synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials for various energy and environmental applications such as electrochemical sensors, physical sensors, supercapacitor devices, ink formulation for printed electrodes and photocatalytic applications.

Priyanka teaches in the following areas:

  • advanced material science
  • inorganic chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • spectroscopic techniques
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Book chapters

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Dr Priyanka Ganguly
Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry
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