Rev Dr Gordon Sinclair

Gordon lectures in transfusion science and haematology on the Biomedical Science (MSc) module in the School of Human Sciences.

Rev Dr Gordon Sinclair

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Gordon has a degree in Haematology (MSc) and a doctorate in Biomedical Science (Haematology).

He is currently Chair of the Haematology National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel and Deputy Chair of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Scientific Advisory. In addition he has 30 years of experience working in NHS Laboratories.

Gordon has taught haematology related issues nationally at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Congress and internationally for Sysmex.

Gordon J. Sinclair, Blood film review by biomedical scientists, Br J Biomed Sci, 62(2):77–80, 2005

Rev Dr Gordon Sinclair
Lecturer in Biosciences
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