John Lodge

Professor of Nutrition and Health and Director of the Centre for Health and Life Sciences Research in the School of Human Sciences.

Prof. Lodge is a human nutritionist with background in diet and metabolism, and particularly antioxidants. He has held academic positions at Nothumbria University and the University of Surrey and previous to that has completed Postdoctoral positions at the University of California at Berkeley, the Linus Pauling Institute (Oregon State University) and the German Institue of Human Nutrition. He is currently a Professor of Nurition and Health in the School of Human Sciences.

Prof. Lodge teaches at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. His teaching expertise covers metabolic nutrition and the role of macronutrients, micronutrients and particluarly antioxidants, diet and disease and aspects of biochemistry. He teaches on Human Nutrition BSc and Human Nutrition MSc.

Prof. Lodge is the Director of the Centre for Health and Life Sciences Research. He is a human nutritionist with an interest in fruit and their constituents (antioxidants, bioactives, sucrose) and effects on metabolism with reference to cardiovascular disease processes, using a multi-disciplinary integrative approach. He has previously used metabolomic technologies to define diet and disease interactions and developing biomarkers of intake.

Previous five years
Crystal F Haskell-Ramsay, Fiona L Dodd, Darren Smith, Lewis Cuthbertson, Andrew Nelson, John K Lodge and Phillipa A Jackson (2022). Mixed tree nuts, cognition and gut microbiota: a 4-week, placebo-controlled, randomized crossover trial in healthy non-elderly adults. The Journal of Nutrition doi:10.1093/jn/nxac228
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Swen Langer, Aileen Kennel and John K Lodge (2018). The Influence of processing on the relative appearance of Blueberry metabolites 2 hr ingestion
  • PREVNUT (ERA-HDHL) Microbiota-Inflammation-Brain axis in heart failure: new food, biomarkerS and AI Approach for the prevention of undeRnutrition in Older Adults (AMBROSIA). Dr Amedia (PI) plus EU consortium £300k
  • The Rank Prize Funds studentship in Human Nutrition. ‘Development and validation of biomarkers of chronic sucrose intake using a metabolomic approach’ Dr John Lodge (PI). 2018-2020 £30,000
  • International Nut and Dried Fruit Council. “Effects of daily tree nut consumption on cognitive function, metabolomics and intestinal microbiota”. Dr Crystal Haskel-Ramsay (PI), Dr Philippa Jackson and Dr John Lodge 2017-2019. £95,000
  • Cherry Marketing Institute. ‘Investigation into the effects of chronic tart Montmorency cherry juice (Prunus cerasus. L) on important indices of human health. Dr Glyn Howatson (PI) and Dr John Lodge. 2016-2019. £82,500
  • ‘A2 Milk Company’, A2 milk for autism spectrum disorders. Dr John Lodge (PI), with ESPA Research. 2016-2019. £40,158
  • Bioforce AG (Vogel Products). ‘Influence of Molkosan intervention on urinary metabolite profiles’ Dr John Lodge (PI). 2017-2018. £1,800
  • ‘The Leverhulme Trust’, New frontiers in lipoprotein analysis: small molecules big questions. Dr John Lodge (PI at Northumbria). 2016-2018. £26,607
  • Public Health England & Premiership Rugby. ‘Evaluating the impact of a national nutritional and physical activity programme (‘Something to Chew On’) in primary schools. ’Prof Greta DeFeyter (PI), Dr Melissa Fothergill, Dr Paul Davis, Dr Julie Young, Dr John Lodge, Dr Lynne McKenna, and Dr Pamela Graham, 2015-2017. £120,000
  • Technology Strategy Board and BBSRC. ‘Measurement of Biochemical Traits in Fresh Produce using Imaging Technologies’ Dr Georgios Koutsidis (PI), Dr John Lodge, Prof Gary Black, Dr Darren Smith. 2014-2017. £320,000
  • Biosciences KTN SPARK award. Validating performance of a data analysis solution applied to nutritional metabolomics. Dr John Lodge (PI). With NonLinear Dynamics. 2013-2014. £10,000
  • Technology Strategy Board. ‘Recovery of value added ingredients from the waste streams of large scale bioreactors’. Dr Georgios Koutsidis (PI), Dr John Lodge, Prof Gary Black, Dr Darren Smith. With Quorn Foods. 2012-2014. £116,000
  • Cherry Marketing Institute. ‘The bioavailability of polyphenols in tart Montgomery cherries and physiological impact on vascular function, cognition and exercise efficiency’. Dr Glyn Howatson (PI) and Dr John Lodge. 2013-2016. £75,000
  • Higher Education Innovation Fund. ‘Building capacity at Northumbria to utilise deep DNA sequencing to profile microbes associated with food spoilage in an industrial setting’. Dr Darren Smith (PI) and Dr John Lodge. 2013-2014. £29,900
  • Higher Education Innovation Fund. ‘Development of food metabolomics to monitor food deterioration’. Dr John Lodge (PI) and Dr Darren Smith. 2012-2014. £28,776
  • Food Standards Agency. ‘Development of a dose-responsive biological marker for sucrose intake based on metabolomics and machine learning’. Dr John Lodge (PI), Dr Barbara Engel, Prof. Gary Frost, Dr Manfred Beckmann & Prof. John Draper. 2009-2011. £474,049
  • EEDA Innovation Voucher with Spicer Biotech. ‘Algal Metabolomics’. Dr John Lodge (PI) and Dr Leon Terry. 2010. £3,000
  • BASF AG, ‘Vitamin E Biokinetics and Monocyte Gene Expression in ApoE4 Smokers and Non-Smokers’ Dr John Lodge (PI), Dr Anne Marie Minihane and Dr Gerald Rimbach. 2002-2004 £223,880
  • British Heart Foundation, ‘Vitamin E Biokinetics and Metabolism’ Dr John Lodge (PI), Dr Bruce Griffin and Prof. Gordon Ferns. 2002-2004. £95,646
  • Cognis Nutrition & Health, ‘Vitamin E Biokinetics’ Dr John Lodge (PI). 2001-2004. £50,000
  • Royal Society, ‘Vitamin E Trafficking in Humans’, Dr John Lodge (PI). 2000-2003. £9,978


External Academic Roles
• PhD examiner (n=9)
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• European Journal of Nutrition (IF 4.4)
• Nutrition Research Reviews (IF 7.45)
• Journal of Nutritional Sciences (awaiting IF)
• Nutrients (IF 6.1)
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• Nutrition Society
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• Society for Nutrition and Food Science
Professor John K. Lodge, Ph.D
Director of the Centre for Health and Life Sciences Research
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