Membership of the Peer Review College

Current membership of the Peer Review College (PRC)


Don MacRaild has held major funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Leverhulme Trust twice, and was for many years on the AHRC Peer Review College (strategic level). He has reviewed major funding applications in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and South Africa.


Jan Bamford is a professor in the Guildhall School of Business and Law. She is a specialist in higher education research, with a particular interest in international student experiences and the attainment gap.

Christian Frost is a qualified architect and a professor in our School of Art, Architecture and Design, with interests in the theory and philosophy of architecture, as well as in medieval architecture and urban festivals. He has worked in a number of different countries and has wide-ranging experience of the academic landscape.

Liz Kelly CBE holds the Roddick Chair on Violence against Women (Council of Europe - Gender Equality and Anti-Trafficking Division). She has a strong track record of garnering contract and research council funding to support her work in the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit.

Edward Kissin is a professor of mathematics with particular interests in Statistics, Operational Research and Mathematics (StORM).

Peter Lewis is a professor of media culture. He has worked in academia, schools and broadcast media, and has conducted consultancies and written reports for UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

Maurice Mitchell is a professor of architecture in our School of Art, Architecture and Design, where he runs our Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources Research Centre, which is part-funded by the Water Trust.

Karen McNally is a Reader in American Film, Television and Cultural History. 

Chris Palmer is a professor in health sciences who specialises in the microbiology of cancer. He has worked in the US and the UK, and has wide experience of collaborative working.

Karim Ouazzanne is a professor of computing and knowledge exchange who has extensive experience of grant-winning, working with industrial partners and engaging students as researchers.

Alistair RossJean Monnet Professor of Citizenship and Education in Europe and Professor of Politics and Education here at London Met, has extensive experience of the research and funding landscape in UK and Europe.

Svetlana Stephenson is a prize-winning sociologist with extensive publications in English and Russian. She has held Leverhulme funding and has been a visitor at various prestigious institutes in Europe and North America.

Diana Stirbu is a professor in our School of Social Sciences and Professions with specialist interests in the reform of public administration and democracy, with an emphasis on devolution in the United Kingdom. She has engaged widely in consultancy in relation to the Welsh Assembly and has bid successfully for a wide range of funds.

Lijun Shang is a professor in our School of Human Sciences, specialising in biomedical sciences.

Wessie LingProfessor of Transcultural Arts and Design, carries out cross-disciplinary research concerning visual and material culture with a geographic focus in China. She previously held fellowships internationally and has been successful in bidding for a variety of funds.

Duncan StewartProfessor of Applied Health Research, has extensive experience of conducting funded research to evaluate and improve health services. This includes the development of new interventions and trials in addiction treatment, criminal justice, acute psychiatry and primary care settings.

Additional members

Any London Met staff member reading about the PRC who has experience of grant-bidding and grant-winning, and would like to join the group should email and outline, very briefly, their experience and motivation. Please use ‘PRC membership submission’ as the subject line of the email.