Start a university course in January

Fast-track your studies

Study with us in January and you can complete your three-year degree in two-and-a-half years. The first six months includes intensive learning, with seminars and lectures throughout the summer. We offer more support and smaller classes so that you can progress quickly in your studies and gain some great learning skills for the rest of your degree.

Reasons to start your degree in January

  • Extended degree programme students can complete their foundation year (Year 0) in six months and progress to the first year of a three-year degree in September.
  • Many students applying for January 2018 will benefit from one of London Met's bursaries, which include the London Met Bursary and Extended Degree Bursary.
  • January students have more contact time with their lecturers. This means greater support to help you succeed.
  • Completing your course in a shorter time means you spend less money on accommodation.

If you've already got your entry qualification, you don't need to wait until September to begin studying a postgraduate course and start increasing your earning potential.

Reasons to start your postgraduate course in January

  • It's simple to apply online, just browse our postgraduate courses starting in January and click the apply button from the course page.
  • Eligible postgraduate students starting in January can still benefit from a government Postgraduate Loan to help fund their studies.