Professor Karim Ouazzane

Karim Ouazzane is a Professor of Computing and Knowledge Exchange, and also the Director of Research and Enterprise for the School of Computing and Digital Media.

Photograph of Professor Karim Ouazzane


Professor Karim Ouazzane

Professor Karim Ouazzane received a BEng degree from University of Oran, Algeria, an MSc from Liverpool University, UK and a PhD from Salford University, UK. A polymath, he has a portfolio of multi-disciplinary interconnected achievements including physics, mathematics, electronics, signal processing, engineering, computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security and biometrics, and financial services, all under the aegis of enterprise and strategy. Professor Ouazzane is currently a professor of computing and knowledge exchange at London Metropolitan University, and also is the founder of London Met's Cyber Security Research Centre.

Prof Ouazzane has worked and acted as a consultant for a number of companies such as Endress-Hauser, ICI, PowerGen and Schlumberger in the UK and for Imperial College as a senior research fellow for four years.

His research interests include artificial intelligence (AI) applications, bimodal speech recognition for wireless devices, cyber security and big data, computer vision, hard and soft computing methods, flow control and metering, optical instrumentation and lasers. He has carried out research in collaboration with industry through a number of research schemes such as The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), KTP, EU Tempus, LDA (London Development Agency), KC (Knowledge Connect) and more. He has also published over 100 papers, three chapters in books, is the author of three patents and has successfully supervised 13 PhDs. He is currently chair of the European Cyber Security Council in Brussels, and member of the Oracle Corporation Advisory Panel.

In the last ten years, Karim’s focus has been mainly in the area of cyber security and big data. He conducted projects for many organisations such as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Lloyds. The projects were carried out in various areas, including intrusion detection and prevention system, data analytics, malware detection using AI, machine learning and law enforcement. Karim is currently leading a project at Lloyds Banking Group with IBM as a vendor; the project aims to build a big data platform that is shared with departments such as digital fraud, cyber security and marketing.

Some of his work has been nominated for awards such as Bafta and Radar ones, and he was recently commended by the Queen in recognition of the novel Intelligent Keyboard, a project he carried out as part of KTP programme in partnership with Essex Disability.

Karim's main strength is working closely with students and industrial partners for knowledge exchange. He is the co-founder of the WoW (World of Work) Agency which enables students and graduates to work on commercial projects, maximising their chance for full employment which is in line with the university strategic plan. He was also instrumental in contributing to the incubator development as a member of the London Enterprise Office (TLEO) in 2005.

Academic qualifications

PhD, Thesis title: Computational and Experimental Investigation of Flow Through Pipes Installation Packages. A novel concept on the design of flow sensor was made and patented (N 9319025.4).

MSc research, thesis title Computational and Signal Processing Techniques of Flow Around a Slender Body.

Ingenieur d’etat in Marine Engineering.

Teaching and course leadership

Professor Ouazzane has led a range of computing modules at postgraduate level, with a variety of subjects including:

  • artificial intelligence
  • E-business
  • advanced database; big data
  • information system developments
  • MSc curricular projects (module leader in the School of Computing)
  • CPD Oracle workforce course leader

Current projects

  • designing security policy framework for Lifeline IT
  • building big data platform for Lloyds (fraud detection, customer insight, marketing, cyber security)
  • developing a forecasting solution which will help identify trends and facilitate optimum stock management for ASK Outlets
  • building a knowledge management system to support the transformation of the traditional reactive production business into a modern productive and profitable knowledge intensive and proactive business, including the company’s culture (Coborn Ltd)
  • developing a bespoke software application that will facilitate the large-scale use of electric vehicles in a private hire operation (E-connect cars)
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC) framework for Microsoft Windows; designing a policy adapter that can accept a set of policy documents and adequately assign labels to subjects and objects from a centralised location

Current PhD projects

  • Incremental reconstruction of human object trajectory in live video
  • Structural and dynamic patterns of individual and group behaviour in constrained worlds
  • A personalised planning agent framework for the disabled
  • Development of reinforcement learning methods to computer game dynamics
  • Semantic querying and search in distributed and heterogeneous ontologies
  • The development of an intelligent simulation framework to optimize the production, design and development in the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) palm oil industry
  • Online identification and recognition of moving objects using recurrent algorithms

Potential PhD topics

  • further development of Adaptive Language Modelling Intermediate Layer (ALMIL) framework
  • combining heuristic planning and event-driven learning methods for evacuation and spatial navigation
  • Hybrid information security policy framework
  • data manipulation of discrete trajectories for the purpose of 3D visualisation

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  • Threat intelligence modelling, (research contract with Lloyds Banking Group – 2019); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane, Dr Vassil Vassilev, Dr Jun Li and Viktor Sowinski-Mydlarz
  • Sound-based intelligent authentication system (research contract with Lloyds – 2018); main participants: Dr Vassil Vassilev, Prof Karim Ouazzane and Artur Naciscionis
  • Malware detection using deep learning methods (research contract with Callsign – 2018); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane, Yogesh Patel, Thekla Polykarpou and Dr Mona Ibrahim
  • Beacon-based Authentication (research contract, InnovateUK  2018); main participants: Dr Vassil Vassilev, Prof Karim Ouazzane, Tony Phipps, Matthew Lane and Dr Pancham Shukla
  • Cross-channel Banking Security Policy Framework (research contract with Lloyds – 2016); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane, Dr Vassil Vassilev and Aadya Shukla
  • Big data POC, (Lloyds Banking group / IBM research contract – 2016); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane, Dr Vassil Vassilev and Dr Khurram Majeed
  • Next generation fraud analytics on big data platform (commercial project, Lloyds Banking Group – 2015); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane , Dr Vassil Vassilev, Tam Holmes, Dr Rupert Parsons and Dr Khurram Majeed
  • Two factor authentication for Remote Desktop Protocol using Yubikey (commercial project, LifelineIT – 2015); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane and Markson Aigbodi
  • Behavioural biometrics for customer authentication in online banking, (Lloyds Banking Group research contract – 2014); main participants: Prof Karim Ouazzane, Dr Vassil Vassilev and Dr Khurram Majeed

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Photographs featuring Prof Karim Ouazzane

London Met's Karim Ouazzane with the Duke of York

With the Duke of York during his 2019 visit. 

Karim Ouazzane at Innovate UK

At the Innovate UK conference. 

Karim Ouazzane at Cyber Security Research Centre Launch

Launch of the Cyber Security Research Centre. 

Professor Ouazzane at the BAFTAs

Prof Karim Ouazzane at the BAFTAs.