María E López

Dr María Encarnación López is a Reader in Sociology at the School of Social Sciences and Professions. She is the Deputy Director of our Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre and also a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Security, Intelligence and Governance (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México). She is editor for the Violence in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds series in Tamesis Publishing House (Boydell & Brewer LTD).

Dr María López

María E. López

Maria holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies at University College London, an MA in Postcolonial Studies from London Metropolitan University, a BA (Hons) in English Philology from Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and a BPhil in Modern Languages: German and English from Salamanca University (Spain).

María joined London Metropolitan University in 2007 as a lecturer of Latin American and Spanish studies and was a course leader in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies from 2009 to 2014. She later moved to the School of Social Sciences, where she teaches on the sociology of sex and gender, Latin American politics, political violence, human rights, and racism and ethnicity.

María's research work is interdisciplinary and aims to inform debates on pathways to peace, human rights and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean, and create lessons that are relevant to other settings. 

She is working on numerous research projects on the dynamics of violence against migrants in various border corridors, and is currently leading a transformation grant project on Afghan migrants in London. This project is integrated into the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre. 

María is the author of several journal articles, book chapters and two books: Homosexuality and Invisibility in Revolutionary Cuba: Reinaldo Arenas and Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Tamesis, 2015) and Gender Violence in Twenty-First-Century Latin American Women's Writing (Tamesis, 2022), which is co-authored with Stephen M. Hart.

She is currently working on her book Sexual Violence and Femicide in Mexico’s Border Cities (under contract, 2023). Advances of her research work for these books can be found on this blog.

María teaches gender and sexuality, human rights, Latin American politics and the sociology of violence, race and ethnicity at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

She supervises the work of several PhD and Prof Doc students with research interests in gender and sexuality, human rights, political violence and racism and ethnicity, and is available to supervise new ones. Her specialisms are:

  • migration
  • racism
  • gender and sexual violence
  • political violence

She welcomes new PhD proposals.

Books (authored)

  1. López, M.E. and Stephen M. Hart (2022) Gender Violence in Twenty-First-Century Latin American Women's Writing. Woodbridge: Tamesis, Boydell & Brewer. In print. ISSN: 2752-308X (print); ISSN: 2752-3098 (online). ISBN 9781855663169.
  2. López, M.E. (2015) Homosexuality and Invisibility in Revolutionary Cuba: Reinaldo Arenas and Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. Woodbridge: Tamesis, Boydell & Brewer. ISBN: 9781855662889.

Selected journal articles, reviews, and book chapters

  1. López, M.E. (2022) ‘Governance over violence against women in the necropolis Ciudad Juárez’, in Romero V. and Tello Peón, J. (eds.) Seguridad, Inteligencia y Gobernanza en México: Propuestas a Problemas (Mexico City: Tirant Lo Blanche). In print.
  2. López, M.E. (2022) Review on Ana-Maurine Lara, Streetwalking: LGBTQ Lives and Protest in the Dominican Republic (Rutgers University Press), New West Indian Guide (NWIG), Brill. Volume 96 (1-2). ISBN: 1382-2373; ISSN: 2213-4360.
  3. López, M.E. (2017) ‘Homosexuality and homophobia in Europe’, in Isaacs, S. (ed.) European Social Problems. London: Routledge, pp. 220–236. ISBN: 9781138919938.
  4. López, M.E. (2016) ‘La revolución cubana en transición: Estados Unidos, democracia, derechos humanos y el Papa Francisco’ (‘The Cuban Revolution: the US, democracy, human rights and Pope Francis’), Otro lunes. Revista Hispanoamericana de Cultura, [Electronic], 40:10. ISSN-2174-1425
  5. López, M.E. (2014) ‘Reinaldo Arenas: the spokesman of the invisible community’, in Font, M.A. and Tinajero, A. (eds.) Handbook on Cuban History, Literature, and the Arts: New Perspectives on Historical and Contemporary Social Change. New York: Paradigm Publishers, pp. 73–96. ISBN: 978161205679.
  6. López, M.E. (2014) ‘Treinta años de conducta impropia: interview with Orlando Jiménez Leal’, Diario de Cuba, [Electronic], 26 July.
  7. López, M.E. (2005) ‘Universidades online. Una alternativa al aprendizaje tradicional’, Revista Planeta Humano, Madrid: Planeta Humano S.L. (September), pp. 73–81.  
  8. López, M.E. (2005) ‘Las Maras: historia de una generación perdida en Centroamérica’, Revista Planeta Humano, Madrid: Planeta Humano S.L. (April), pp. 30–41.

Other publications

  1. López, M.E. (2021) ‘Political violence against women in the northern Mexican border’ (‘Violencia política contra las mujeres en la frontera norte de México’), Critical Studies of Law and Migration Seminar blog (9 April), National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
  2. López, M.E. (2020) ‘The lives of Mexico’s maquiladora workers are being put at risk by lax COVID-19 rules and the demands of international trade’, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Blog (25 May). Also published at London Metropolitan University, Experts section (12 June).
  3. López, M.E. (2018) ‘Sex trafficking is collateral damage of the fantasy of globalisation in Mexico’, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Blog (26 September).
  4. López, M.E. (2018) ‘Femicide in Ciudad Juárez is enabled by the regulation of gender, justice, and production in Mexico’, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Blog (15 February, 2018).

Dr María Encarnación López
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