Professor Alistair Ross

Alistair Ross is Senior Professor in Politics and Education at London Metropolitan University (part-time). He has a PhD in Politics from the University of London, a DLitt from London Metropolitan, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Alistair Ross

Alistair joined London Metropolitan in 1985 as a Senior Lecturer in Education, and was made a Professor in 1990. He was Faculty Research Director in Humanities and Education from 1992-98. He established and directed the Institute for Policy Studies (IPSE) at the University in 2000. He also initiated and directed a European Commission Academic Network (Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe, CiCe) from 1998-2008. He retired from his full-time position in 2009, and has worked intermittently for the University since then, largely supervising research students. He is currently coordinating the Area Studies submission to the UK Research Assessment Exercise (2021).

Alistair's research career has focussed on political learning and understanding (particularly of citizenship education and young people; on educational policies for equality and the recognition of diversity, and on the curriculum). He continues to conduct an independent research study on the political understanding of young Europeans, and is currently researching young people in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. He is a member of the University’s Global Diversities and Inequalities Centre.

Alistair has taught on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses over the years. He now focuses on PhD supervision, particularly in the areas of political identities in Europe.

Recent publications:

  • Young Europeans’ construction of a Europe of human rights. 2020. London Review of Education, 18 (1) pp. 81-95.  doi 10.18546/LRE.18.1.06
  • Finding political identities: Young people in a changing Europe. 2019. Palgrave Macmillan. Pp xxv+366.  doi 10.1007/978-3-319-90875-5
  • Young Europeans constructions of nation, state, country and Europe. 2019. National Identities, 22, pp 1-7.
  • Constructing Europe and the European Union via Education Contrasts and Congruence within and between Germany and England [with Eleanor Brown, Beatrice Szczepek Reed, Ian Davies and Géraldine Bengsch]. 2019.  Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society, 11 (2) 2, pp 1–29. doi: 10.3167/jemms.2019.1110201 
  • Young Europeans: A New Political Generation?. 2018. Societies8(70), pp1-24.

 In press (edited book; probable publication late summer 2020): 

  • Educational Research for Social Justice: Evidence and practice from the UK, Springer

 with chapters:

  • What do educational science and the public good mean in the context of educational research for social justice?
  • The construction of political identities: young Europeans’ deliberation on ‘the public good’
  • The problem of the public good and the implications for researching educational policies for social justice 

Two popular ‘golden oldies’ are:

  • Curriculum: Construction and Critique. 2000. London: RoutledgeFalmer.
  • Higher Education and Social Class: Issues of exclusion and inclusion [with Louise Archer and Merryn Hutchings]. 2003. London: RoutledgeFalmer

A full list of his publications (with some useful extracts) and a description of his current research can be seen on his personal website,  

Alistar is a member of the Political Studies Association, the British Educational Research Association, the Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe Association and the East European Network of Citizenship Educators.

Professor Alistair Ross
Professor of Politics and Education