Alistair Ross

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Alistair Ross

Alistair Ross is a Jean Monnet ad personam professor, awarded by the European Commission. This is particularly linked to the study 'Young Europeans’ constructions of identity and citizenship: crossing European borders'. His current study is of young people’s constructions of identities in Europe, and he has carried out focus groups and interviews with over 2,000 13–19 year olds in 29 European countries. Some of this is reported on in his book Understanding the Construction of Identities by young new Europeans: Kaleidoscopic identities (Routledge, 2015).

Alistair is also an emeritus professor at London Metropolitan University. He works part-time as a researcher in the Institute of Policy Studies in Education (IPSE), and supervises research students on PhD and EdD studies. His research interests centre around aspects of social justice within education:

  • How children and young people find a voice in society and understand their identities and rights in society, and citizenship education.
  • How educational policies and practices can ensure that individuals and groups all benefit from education, maximise their potential, and no groups are disadvantaged.
  • How the education professions are representatively drawn from the communities that they serve.

Alistair is also interested in teacher supply and retention issues, and particularly in the supply and retention of an ethnically diverse teaching workforce that is representative of the community. He has prepared and contributed to reports on this for the OECD, various LEAs, the General Teaching Council for England and the Mayor of London.

Other research interests include access to higher education, policies for inclusion and exclusion in education, the curriculum, and (a long time ago) the use of computers in primary school children's learning.

Alistair was a primary teacher in inner London for a decade before joining the University in the mid 1980s. He was formerly director of IPSE (2000 to 2009).

Research projects

Please visit Alistair Ross's website for a full list of publications and more information about his work.

Alistair Ross 

Professor of Education