School of Social Sciences

Demonstrating the relevance of social science as a tool for effecting societal change.

The School of Social Sciences is home to a vibrant academic community encompassing the disciplines of criminology, policing, sociology, psychology, politics and international relations. Many programmes have professional accreditation including from the Health and Care Professions Council, the College of Policing and the Chartered Institute of Housing. At the School of Social Sciences our aim is to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of social science as a tool for effecting change.

Join the academic debate

Using the School of Social Sciences as a forum for academic debate, you'll have the opportunity to explore important concepts such terrorism, gender, religion and domestic violence which can be considered from different psychological approaches and political ideologies. Special events, high-profile guests and student societies promote these debates. Most importantly, you will be encouraged to develop your critical awareness and to shape and challenge contemporary social thought.

Benefit from a culture or research

Our teaching and research informs and contributes to public debate about important issues. The School of Social Sciences has a number of interdisciplinary centres contributing to research into real-world issues on a local, national and global scale. This includes the significant work of our Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU).

Make use of excellent facilities

You will have access to an excellent range of learning resources and IT facilities. For example in addition to the library, online, computer lab and study hub resources, there are a number of specialist resources such as those in psychology. Psychology students have access to an excellent range of facilities including a psychophysiological lab, eye-tracking equipment, a health clinic with cameras for remote observation and a number of computing facilities with specialist software. 

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