AI and Data Science Research Group

The AI and Data Science research group (AI&DS) has a long history dating back to 1999 (known then as the Intelligent Systems research group) of fulfilling its aim to improve the quality of products, services and security issues by the incorporation and application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and visualisation techniques. The group has improved a wide variety of digital systems, devices, and software in domestic, medical and industrial settings; and provided automated solutions to a variety of complex social challenges. 

Some examples of the group's research activities include: 

  • applications of AI and ML techniques to big data research, including crowd-sourced data and geo-computation 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and Natural Language Processing 
  • applications of AI and ML techniques to assisted living 
  • modelling of the hydrodynamical flow in the UK rivers 
  • identity resolution in data driven policing 
  • data mining and data warehousing, agent-based approach for building data warehousing, GIS database performance, 
  • applications of AI and ML techniques to robotics 
  • Intelligent video and image processing  
  • AI vision and deep learning 
  • Bioinformatics and biometrics - applications of AI and ML techniques to biology and medicine 
  • IT and cyber security research, such as steganography, cryptography, identity resolution, mobile device security, cloud security, GDPR, cryptocurrency, dark net, social graph 
AI-generated and inspired artwork. 

Photo: AI generated and inspired artwork 


Events for the AI and Data Science Research Group