Samantha Banbury

Samantha is the course leader for the Counselling and Coaching BSc (Hons) course. Having approximately 10 years teaching experience, she has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students attending psychology, counselling, criminology and medical courses. Her research interests are sexual dysfunction, paraphilia, sexual behaviour including technology and offending behaviours. Clinically she has spent 20 years in the substance misuse field.

Dr Samantha Banbury, Senior lecturer in psychology

Samantha Banbury

Samantha currently teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including safeguarding and ethics, counselling across the lifespan and short-term counselling interventions. Additional areas include sexology, psychopathology and research methods.  

She is also a research supervisor for the professional docotrate research on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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Dr Samantha Banbury
Senior lecturer
Course leader for Counselling and Coaching BSc