Professor Duncan Stewart

Professor of Applied Health Research, Centre for Primary Health and Social Care, in the School of Social Professions.

Duncan Stewart, Professor of Applied Health Research

Professor Duncan Stewart

Duncan has a background in sociology with long standing research expertise in treatment approaches for people with drug and/or alcohol problems. He leads a portfolio of work on ageing, multimorbidity and alcohol consumption.   

Duncan’s primary research interests are on the organisation and delivery of services for people for whom drug and/or alcohol use has impacted on their health and other aspects of their lives. This includes evaluation of existing interventions and the development and trialling of new ones. His current research focus is alcohol consumption among older people with multiple long term conditions. He has worked on a wide range of research projects including qualitative studies, systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, cohort and epidemiological studies, and research to develop and evaluate research/clinical assessment instruments. He is a member of the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care.

Module leader for Introduction to Epidemiology (Public Health MSc)


Clinical pharmacy: Highlighting Alcohol use in Medication aPpointments (CHAMP-1). National Institute of Health Research.