Diana Stirbu

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Diana Stirbu

Diana joined London Metropolitan University in April 2010 after obtaining a PhD from the University of Liverpool Management School. Her doctorate explored political and institutional developments within the National Assembly in the contest of a fluid constitutional context in Wales.

Diana specialises in devolution and territorial politics in the UK, with an emphasis on Welsh and English devolution. More broadly, Diana's work focuses on contemporary issues in parliamentary democracy, such as public engagement, gender representation, as well as on policy and administrative reform in the UK and in transitional countries. She often undertakes advisory and consultancy work in relation to the National Assembly for Wales, provides expert advice on constitutional and legislative matters, and delivers bespoke executive training for overseas civil servants. Diana is also an Independent Trustee for the Centre for Public Scrutiny and promotes the importance of scrutiny and accountability in the governance process.

Diana teaches (or has taught) on the following areas:

  • International Aid and Development (Level 6)
  • Introduction to Politics and Government (Level 4)
  • Governance and Public Policy (Level 5)
  • Research Methods for policy makers (postgraduate)
  • Multi-level Governance (postgraduate) – six years
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management (postgraduate)
  • Understanding the Policy Process (postgraduate)
  • International development and Administration (postgraduate)

Diana has a particular interest in embedding data literacy skills in policy and international development related modules.

Diana's impact, outreach and knowledge exchange work is very diverse.

In 2016 Diana has contributed in different online media outlets with coverage of the devolved elections in Wales:

Diana has also been an active participant in constitutional debates in Wales, giving written and oral evidence to parliamentary committees and providing expert advice to government consultation:

  • Secretary of State stakeholder consultation events in relation to the Wales Bill and the future of Law in Wales: Wales Office, London, October, 2016 / Wales Office, Cardiff, July 2016 / Wales Office, Cardiff, November 2015.
  • National Assembly Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, oral evidence on Wales Bill legislative scrutiny, June 2016.
  • Welsh Affairs Select Committee and the National Assembly Assembly Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, joint written evidence on the Draft Wales Bill pre-legislative scrutiny, October 2015.
  • National Assembly for Wales Business Committee, joint Written evidence, Review of the Standing Orders, July 2010.
  • All Wales Convention, joint written evidence, April 2009.

Selected knowledge exchange and outreach work:

LexisNexis, briefings on the Article 50 and Devolution, October 2016, 2015 and January, 2017

Centre for Public Scrutiny, ‘Future of Devolution in England’, Round table discussion with DCLG and stakeholders, and guest blog, London, March 2016.

Wales Governance Centre, ‘Contextualising the Assembly’s committees’, joint presentation, Cardiff, October 2014.

LSE Politics and Policy blog – ‘Westminster can learn a lot about gender equality by looking at Welsh and Scottish levels of representation’, March 2012. 

McAllister, L and Stirbu, D (in peer review) – ‘A new approach to framing the staging posts of constitutional change processes’, Journal of Legislative Studies.

Stirbu, D (2015) – ‘Spaces for change: Devolution and the changing UK policy landscape’, Public Administration Issues, No 5, Special Issue, pages 66-81.

Cole, M, McAllister, L and Stirbu, D, (2014) ‘The capacity of the National Assembly for Wales’, UK Changing Union Project, Cardiff: WGC.

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Dr Diana Stirbu
Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
Email: d.stirbu@londonmet.ac.uk