Dr Diana Stirbu

Dr Diana Stirbu joined London Metropolitan University in April 2010 after obtaining a PhD from the University of Liverpool Management School. Her doctorate explored issues around institutional development and adaptation in the context of a highly dynamic constitutional landscape underpinning the functions and structure of the National Assembly for Wales.

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Dr Diana Stirbu

Dr Diana Stirbu specialises in public administration reform from a devolved and territorial perspective in the UK, as well as in strategic management in political and public organisations. Her emphasis lies particularly on Welsh and English devolution. More broadly, Diana's work focuses on contemporary issues in parliamentary democracy, such as public engagement, gender representation, as well as on policy and administrative reform in the UK and in transitional countries.

Dr Stirbu often undertakes advisory and consultancy work in relation to the National Assembly for Wales, provides expert advice on constitutional and legislative matters and delivers bespoke executive training for overseas civil servants. She is also an Independent Trustee for the Centre for Public Scrutiny and promotes the importance of scrutiny and accountability in the governance process.

Dr Stirbu's teaching interests include:

  • contemporary issues and debates in public administration and governance
  • public policy design, processes and actors
  • international aid and administration
  • strategic management in the context of the public sector and non-profit organisations
  • public service design and innovation

All areas are extensively covered in our Master of Public Administration (MPA) course 

Dr Stirbu has a particular interest in embedding data literacy skills the curriculum, as well as in building service design and scrutiny capacity within organisations more generally.

Dr Stirbu's research interests and expertise are broad but she particularly welcomes interest from potential PhD students in the following areas:

  • public administration reform in transitional/developing countries
  • gender representation in politics and public life
  • administrative and constitutional reform in the UK
  • public engagement, co-creation and co-design of public services
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*** Submitted to REF2014

Dr Stirbu contributes more widely to various media outlets as well as to public consultations and debates, academic and practitioner conferences. She has submitted written evidence to parliamentary committees and has appeared as an expert witness in front of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee in the National Assembly for Wales.

A portfolio of her research-based contributions and commentary can be found on her Governance Insights blog

For any media inquiry, Dr Stirbu can be contacted via:
E: d.stirbu@londonmet.ac.uk
Twitter: @Diana_Stirbu

Dr Diana Stirbu
Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
E: d.stirbu@londonmet.ac.uk