Preeti Patel

Prior to entering the Higher Education sector, Prof. Preeti Patel worked within the IT industry for organisations including British Telecom, The Wellcome Foundation and General Electric Information Services. 

Preeti Patel wears a distinctive purple scarf as she looks to the camera with a smile.


Preeti Patel

Preeti Patel is currently the Head of Computer Science and Applied Computing. Her previous roles include Academic Leader for Applied Computing and Faculty-wide Academic Leader for Postgraduate Recruitment and Marketing.

Prior to entering the Higher Education sector, Preeti worked within the IT industry for organisations including British Telecom, The Wellcome Foundation and General Electric Information Services.

Preeti has a keen interest in international education and has been previously involved with the NCC global programmes for a number of years and continues to work with international partners. Preeti has been an External Advisor at The Open University and an External Examiner at Coventry and Greenwich universities.

Membership of professional institutions

  • Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy 
  • Member of British Computer Society
  • Associate Member of Chartered Management Institute

Preeti Patel teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate database modules which comprise Oracle professional certification. Her current research interests include, FAIR and FATE data challenges, the data science curriculum, AI-generative models for Data Science. 

Previous research coverage included graduate competence and employability, assessment feedback methods, learning-related issues for database environments and enhancement of student engagement. 


  • PhD – Machine Learning [current]
  • PhD – Knowledge Management Systems
  • PhD – Component-Based Software Development
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations

Publications and presentations since 2011

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