Dr Peter Lewis

Dr Peter Lewis is Professor of Media and Culture in the School of Computing and Digital Media, having joined London Met as a Senior Lecturer in Community Media in 2007.

Dr Peter Lewis

Dr Peter Lewis is Professor of Media and Culture in the School of Computing and Digital Media, having joined London Met as a Senior Lecturer in Community Media in 2007. He has taught in primary and secondary schools in both private and state sectors in Berkshire, Bristol, London and Canada and had some ten years’ experience in educational broadcasting for ITV, and in community television as manager of Bristol Channel, before beginning a career in higher education.

Dr Lewis has published widely on community media, including consultancies and reports for UNESCO and the Council of Europe, contributing to its recognition both politically and as an academic field. An ESRC Research Fellowship at the LSE (1999-2002) enabled him to launch the Radio Studies Network (now affiliated to MeCCSA) which, with a journal (The Radio Journal) and a succession of international conferences, has given the medium an increased profile in the field of media studies, connecting British research and scholarship with work in mainland Europe and beyond. He was a Principal Investigator in the HERA-funded Transnational Radio Encounters project, 2013-2016, and was a REF Impact case study in 2014. He is now a member of the team developing the Radio.Garden.

  • Principal Investigator (IP5) HERA-funded Transnational Radio Encounters, 2013-16
  • Scientific Co-ordinator, IREN (International Radio Research Network) EU FP6 Co-ordination Action, 2004-2006
  • Evaluation consultant to Creating Community Voices (1999-2001), Digital Dialogues (2002-2003), META-Europe (2005-2006), Crosstalk (2007-2009, COMAPP - funded under EU’s Grundtvig and Lifelong Learning programmes.
  • Evaluation (with Tacchi and Slater) of Kothmale Community Radio Internet Project, Sri Lanka, 2002, funded by UK’s DFID in collaboration with UNESCO
  • Adviser on Bristol Channel archives, University of Bristol (2015)

Dr Lewis is interested in:

  • radio
  • radio drama
  • radio archives
  • community media
  • community engagement
  • participatory action research
  • personal and community memoirs
  • masculinity
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