Studying an honours degree at London Metropolitan University

At London Metropolitan University, all of our undergraduate courses are awarded as honours degrees. This means if you enrol on any of our courses, whether that’s a bachelor of arts, science or engineering, you can graduate with an honours degree.

The distinction between an ordinary bachelor’s degree and a bachelor’s degree with honours is highly recognisable and desirable, particularly for employers. 

What is an honours degree?

In the UK, an "honours" degree indicates a higher level of achievement than an ordinary bachelor’s degree. To obtain a degree with honours, you must complete a greater amount of credits throughout the duration of your studies than is typically needed for a degree without honours.

You can identify whether an undergraduate course is an honours degree usually by the suffix “Hons” attached to the degree title, for example BA (Hons).

How many credits are required to achieve a degree with honours?

Students who attain 360 credits or more over the course of their studies will receive an honours degree from London Met. Our courses include a mixture of compulsory core modules as well as optional modules, which you can choose according to your own career aspirations and personal interests. Each module is usually worth either 15 or 30 credits.

A degree without honours is equivalent to 300 credits.

What are the advantages of completing an honours degree?

Honours degrees are widely recognised in Europe and the UK as standard higher education qualifications. Because honours degrees show a higher level of achievement than ordinary bachelor’s degrees, you will be demonstrating to employers that you’ve been awarded a more academically demanding qualification, showing you have a higher level of commitment and determination when it comes to your learning and future.

Who can complete an honours degree?

If you meet the entry requirements for any of our undergraduate courses, you are eligible to complete an honours degree at London Met. If you don’t meet our entry requirements you can still be awarded an honours degree by completing one of our undergraduate degrees that include a foundation year instead.

If you’re planning to complete your studies part-time you’ll still be awarded an honours degree as long as you attain 360 credits.

Why choose an honours degree at London Met?

You’ll be supported and guided throughout your studies to ensure you receive the most from your degree and student experience. Our lecturers and support staff make it their priority to put you first and we’re proud of our community, which puts an emphasis on diversity, inspiration and encouragement. By offering on-going and continuous support across all of our undergraduate courses you’ll have the best chance to achieve your goals during your university education.

At London Met we’re dedicated to improving your job prospects, with 96.7% of all London Met graduates in work or further study within six months of graduating (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2016–17).

What's more, our lecturers often have direct links to their industries, meaning you’ll have opportunities to build connections and networks that can benefit you when it comes to that all-important job search.


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