Staff Research Development Programme 2021/22


DateTimeSession titleSession leads
25 October 13.00 Knowledge Exchange
1 November 13.00 Writing a Research Funding Bid Professor Duncan Stewart 
8 November 13.00 Research Staff: inspiring journeys  
15 November 13.00 Line Management and the Culture of Research  
22 November 13.00 Being a Good Research Supervisor  
29 November 13.00 Women's Research: empowerment, enablement and inspiration  
6 December 13.00 Developing Five-year Research Plans Professor Duncan Stewart 
13 December 13.00 Research Impact  
31 January 13.00 Exploring knowledge exchange: what it is and how we can do more.
7 February 13.00
Research ethics
14 February 13.00
How our research can decolonise the curriculum
Ama Agyeman
Preetha Leela Chockalingam
Jon Davison
21 February 9.30 Time to think: an academic writing space Dr Una Fairbrother
28 February 13.00 Early Career Researcher Funding Opportunties (AHRC and ESRC) Professor Don MacRaild
7 March 12.30
Research culture forum
Research Leads
Subject Heads
Course Research Leads
Course Leaders
14 March 13.00 Writing for top journals

Professor Louise Ryan

21 March 13.00 Chairing a viva Dr Una Fairbrother
28 March 13.00
ECR speed dating
Sajida Hashemi
Dr Eleni Meletiadou
4 April 13.00 Doctoral examining Dr Una Fairbrother
11 April 13.00 Doing a PhD for Absolute Beginners
19 April 13.00 Supervising a Professional Doctorate Dr Angela Loulopoulou 
25 April 13.00 Winning funds from Arts Council Jane Turner 
9 May  12.30  COVID-19 Coordinated Response Initiative
16 May  13.00  Building your academic profile 
23 May  13.00 Bidding support from the Research and Postgraduate Office
30 May  13.00
Supervisors for staff: speed dating 
6 June  13.00
Organising Research Conferences and organising events
13 June  13.00
Intellectual property 
Nick Giddy 
20 June  13.00
Academic Promotions: Q&A on updated scheme 
27 June  13.00 Open Science Pre-registration  Dr Wendy Ross 
4 July 13.00 Supervising a Creative Practice PhD 
11 July  13.00
Women's research: empowerment, enablement and inspiration
18 July  TBC
Speed-dating for more experienced staff
Guests across the University
25 July  13.00 Climate change coordinated response initiative  


For staff who would like to join the sessions, please visit the Staff Researcher Development section on Weblearn or the Staff Zone.


For more details about the programme contact Head of Research Development, Dr Una Fairbrother.