Sophie Cloutterbuck

Sophie Cloutterbuck is Director of London Engagement at London Met. Working with the Vice-Chancellor on the Giving Back to the City stream of the University's strategy, Sophie leads the London Met Labs: Empowering London initiative.

Sophie works with colleagues from across the University and the wider community to ensure London Met fulfils its role as a civic institution while also giving students opportunities to become value-driven leaders.

Sophie has worked at London Metropolitan University for over 16 years and was previously the Head of Outreach and Widening Participation. Sophie is a London Met alumna and has a Master’s of Education, completed in 2011, and a BSc (Hons) in Sociology from its predecessor institution, London Guildhall University.

Sophie sits on the Transforming Access and Student Outcomes (TASO) Theme 1 working group and is also a member of the Network for Evaluating and Researching University Participation Interventions (NERUPI) steering group and the Upward Bound steering board.

Sophie Cloutterbuck



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Sophie Cloutterbuck
Director of London Engagement