Fiona French

Dr Fiona French is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Digital Media. She is course leader for BSc Games Programming and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). Her research focuses on the field of Animal-Computer Interaction.

Fiona French, a female lecturer with a short bob, gazes at the camera.

More about Fiona French

Fiona has a PhD in Computing from The Open University (User Experience for Elephants: Researching Interactive Enrichment through Design and Craft). She also has an MSc in Internet Technology from the University of Greenwich, an MA in Media Technology from the University of Newcastle, and an MA in Arts and Social Sciences from the University of Aberdeen.

Fiona teaches classes related to the design and creation of playful interactive experiences, in particular games and toys. She's the course leader for BSc Games Programming, and manages various modules, including Artificial Intelligence, AI for Games, Game Design and Development, Augmented Toy Development, Games and Gamification, Creative Technology Project and Research-Related Learning. She is very enthusiastic about cross-disciplinary collaborations, sharing skills and developing novel interactive experiences that incorporate a range of sensory modalities.

Fiona researches how playful technology can be used to support the welfare and enrich the lives of all animals. She regularly organises ZooJam workshops at the annual Animal-Computer Interaction conference, where people form small teams, discuss species-specific design briefs and devise exciting tech-enabled solutions. She founded the Multispecies Interaction Design research group in 2021, and is currently involved in projects with elephants and a range of nocturnal species.

Find out more about her research with different animals (including humans) on Fiona's blog.

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Fiona's full list of publications are available on the London Met repository.

  • 2009 Stream Arts commission for London 2012 Open Weekend: 'Big Woolwich Txt Game' - location-based public engagement game
  • 2006 Emerald Funding: 'Mobile Learning Adventure' - to engage schoolchildren with sporting activities
  • 2003 Arts Council funded environmental awareness community project: 'Gunpowder Park'
  • 2003 Nesta Futurelab and DfES funded 'Animals on the Edge' - mobile treasure hunt
  • Member of Animal Welfare Research Network, Interdisciplinary Engagement Officer on ECR committee (since 2022)
  • Member of Association for Study of Animal Behaviour
  • Animal-Computer Interaction Conference 2023 – Organising Committee Member: Workshop Co-Chair

Dr Fiona French
Associate Professor in School of Computing and Digital Media