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Dr Stephen Hills
Dr Stephen Hills is a senior lecturer in the Guildhall School of Business and Law at London Metropolitan University and Director of the University’s Health Economics Research Group.
Stephen Hills

Stephen Hills

He completed his PhD in Sport Management at the Florida State University and his MSc in Social Policy Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science, for which he was awarded a distinction. He also has a MSc in Sport Science from Sheffield Hallam University and a BSc in Psychology, also from Sheffield Hallam University.
His research has focused on sport-for-development and has featured in top academic journals such as the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review and the Journal of Business Ethics.
His teaching focuses on research methods and social responsibility. 
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He was awarded London Metropolitan University's highest teaching accolade of University Teaching Fellow in 2017.
Stephen has previously consulted for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Boxing, England Boxing, Fight4Change, the Boxing Academy, the NFL, Fulham FC and Barclays Bank.
His research has been featured in local news outlets, such as BBC Radio.

Stephen Hills
Senior Lecturer, Sport Management