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Dr Stephen Hills
Stephen Hills

Stephen Hills

Dr. Stephen Hills is an industry leader in Sport 4 Development (S4D). He currently consults for NFL UK, Magic Bus, Barclays Spaces for Sport and Fulham FC Foundation on their S4D initiative, and has previously consulted for Nike UK and the World Golf Foundation. Dr. Hills has previously served as a S4D practitioner as part of his role as Director of Marketing for the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida, where he was responsible for designing ‘Grow the Game’ initiatives to develop the sport of golf in the local community.

Dr. Hills completed his PhD in Sport Management at Florida State University, where his dissertation on Digital Olympism was completed with the support of the IOC. He holds a PHD, MSc in Sport Psychology and BSc in Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University.

Dr. Hills’ research interests include the impact and design of S4D, corporate social responsibility in sport, sport team identification, and sports broadcasting.

 In addition to his sport-based experience, Dr. Hills has several years experience in project management, having worked for the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions as a senior project manager overseeing several multi-million pound projects.


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Stephen Hills
Senior Lecturer, Sport Management