Dr Abu Naser

Abu is a skilled consultant and Senior lecturer with over 14 years of teaching experience and further seven years of commercial experience in IT. He is confident presenting to both technical and less-skilled audiences, he thrives on new intellectual challenges.

Mohammed Abu Naser

Dr Abu Naser

Abu joined London Metropolitan University as a consultant 2003, as a lecturer in 2005 and at the University of London in 2016. Before joining the University industry, Abu worked as a manager for several organisations like Ford, Granada, Tesco, Command software systems, Corona IT between other multinational organisations. 

Abu has taught on various business economics, strategic management, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership and project management modules.

His research interests are interdisciplinary in the areas of strategic and project management, accounting and economics, organisational studies, management information systems and accounting information systems:

  • governance in the global market
  • factors affecting corporate sustainability
  • the implications of organisational activity upon the wider stakeholder environment
  • behaviour in the workplace.
  • the relationship between financial and economic measures of performance and corporate culture and strategic development

Abu is currently working as a reviewer of several academic journals and he has organised, participated and worked as a chair of several academic conferences.


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Conference papers

Naser, M., Moyeen, A., Kamal, S.& Yousuf, M. (2017) ’A Content analysis of CSR Research in Hotel Industry’ 7th Organisation Governance & 16th CSR Conference, University of Derby, Buxton, UK.

Abu worked as a business consultant with several private and government organisations. He has built up a loss-making company to a reasonably profitable business incorporating international development through direct sales and successful ventures.

Dr M.Abu Naser
Course Leader for Accounting and Finance (Extended Degree)
E: m.naser1@londonmet.ac.uk