Postgraduate Research Training Programme 2021-22

Check out some of the postgraduate research training sessions we prepared for your this year:

DateTimeSession titleSession lead(s)
26 October 2pm What should you achieve in the design phase? Professor Ken White 
28 October 2pm Transferring from MPhil to PhD Professor Klaus Fischer 
2 November 2pm Writing a Literature Review Professor Bal Virdee 
4 November 2pm Making the most of online resources, and managing your references using Zotero and Mendeley Rachel Bickley and Lynn Crothall
9 November 2pm Working with your supervisor Professor Svetlana Stephenson 
11 November 2pm Research Degree: stages, forms and how to succeed Oliver Brooks 
16 November 2pm The viva Professor Chris Chandler
24 November 2pm Writing your confirmation viva Dr Mesfin Habtom 
25 November 2pm Getting the most out of your RSPG submission Professor Ken White
29 November 2pm  Strategies for wellbeing  Maite Gonzalez 
2 December 2pm  Event History Analysis - "Survival Analysis"  Dr Konstantinos Pitsakis 
8 December 10am Structuring your chapter or thesis  Professor Anne Karpf 
9 December 11am  Integrating the dynamics of resources  Dr Diana Luck 
14 December 2pm  Copyright, licensing, open access  Rachel Bickley and Academic Liaison Librarians 
11 January 2pm Developing good research questions  Professor Maurice Mitchell and Dr Bo Tang 
18 January 2pm Data collection and fieldwork  Dr Beatrice De Carli 
20 January 2pm Translation in research  Professor Doris Schedlitzki 
25 January 2pm  Research ethics in the field  Professor Louise Ryan 
1 February 2pm  Gathering and using qualitative data: focus groups and deliberative discussion groups  Professor Alistair Ross 
3 February 2pm  Doing qualitative research: the interview  Professor Diana Stirbu 
8 February 10am  One to one bookable careers guidance appointments  Tiffany Platt 
10 February 2pm  Narrative analysis: research tool or outcome  Sibylle Ratz 
15 February 2pm  Using NVivo for research  Dr Lisa Cerutti 
22 February 2pm  What should you achieve in the design phase?  Professor Ken White 
24 February 2pm  An introduction to open science  Dr Wendy Rosss 
1 March 2pm  Structuring your argument: writing discussion chapter  Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns 
2 March 2pm  Transferring from Masters to a Research Degree  Dr Chris Morriss-Roberts 
3 March 2pm  Research Degree: stages, forms and how to succeed  Oliver Brooks 
8 March 2pm  Thematic analysis  Dr Rossana Perez-Del-Aguila and Dr Julius Elster
10 March 2pm  Case study research  Dr Cath Madziva 
15 March 2pm  Using participatory research methods: co-production  Dr Beatrice De Carli 
22 March 1.15pm  Applied regression modelling: predicting social distancing compliance in North London  Dr Stephen Hills 
24 March 2pm  Finding your voice and reflexivity in writing  Professor Louise Ryan 
29 March 2pm  Employability session 1: career options after completing your Research Degree  Tiffany Platt 
5 April 2pm  Employability session 2: Using LinkedIn as part of your job search  Tiffany Platt 
26 April 2pm  Writing for publication workshop  Professor Duncan Stewart 
28 April 2pm   Giving a conference presentation  Professor Nigel Caldwell 
3 May 2pm   Introduction to SPSS  Dr Wendy Ross 
5 May 2pm   3-minute thesis  Professor Andrew Moran 
10 May 10am Beyond the Research Degree: Academic careers post-doctorate  Dr Portia Roelofs 
10 May 12am   Beyond the Research Degree: Networking   Dr Wendy Ross 
12 May 2pm   Applied Regression Modelling: Predicting Social Distancing Compliance in North London  Dr Stephen Hills 
17 May 2pm   Publishing in peer-reviewed journals (Business)  Professor Nigel Caldwell 
18 May 2pm   Publishing in peer-reviewed journals (Human Sciences)  Dr Eirini Meimaridou 
20 May 2pm   An Introduction to Research Impact  Dr Diane Smith 
24 May 2pm   Interviewing Notables  Professor Alistair Ross 
26 May 2pm   Case study research  Professor Jan Bamford 
27 May 2pm   Focus groups with victim survivors of sexual violence  Amy Beddows 
31 May 2pm   The viva  Professor Karim Ouazzane 
7 June 2pm   Gaining teaching experience and the HEA Standard  Professor Digby Warren 
9 June 2pm   Straight Talk: sharing your research with non-specialists Libby England 
10 June 2pm   Student research showcase: women's experiences of victim blame from agencies  Amy Beddows 
14 June 2pm   Creating a conference poster and conference abstract (Biosciences)  Professor Gary McLean 
16 June 2pm   Quantitative data, statistics and data analysis  Dr Jonathan Iworiso 
21 June 2pm   Public speaking and presentation skills  Dr Eleni Meletiadou 

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