Dr Cathrine Madziva

Cathrine Madziva is a senior lecturer in Public Health. With an academic background in social policy, health promotion and political studies, Cathrine's PhD explored the role of International Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in supporting community-based organisations’ response to HIV/AIDS-affected children. She has previously worked with various organisations in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe with a special focus on maternal health, HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children.

Long-haired bespectacled female lecturer Catherine Madziva gazes to the camera.

Cathrine Madziva

Cathrine currently teaches on public health-related modules, including research methods and evaluation, ethics and research inter alia. Her research interests include the role of civil society organisations in public health and welfare services provision (in the global south), international development partnerships, HIV/AIDs, vulnerable children and maternal health.

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Dr Cathrine Madziva
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Email: c.madziva@londonmet.ac.uk