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No one knows what studying at London Met is like better than our own students. They're here, studying our courses, using our facilities, living life as a university student. So we asked them to tell us – and you – about their experiences – whether it's travelling in their spare time, sharing their study tips or revealing their favourite places to eat, socialise or work.

Our student blogs are written by our fantastic student social media team. We hope you enjoy hearing what they have to say about their lives at London Met.

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What Black History Month means to me

In honour of Black History Month, we asked students at London Met what it means to them.

As October is Black History Month, London Metropolitan University proudly celebrates it on behalf our amazing staff and students in our community. We asked students what Black History Months means to them, here is what they said.

“Black history month is an occasion to appreciate the struggle of the past generations for freedom, a historical period for us to learn from as we seek to make our future a better and more inclusive one.” Ilyas - Politics and International Relations

“Black history month means love to me, it means peace and happiness and finding friends and empathy in one another. It’s a beautiful time for people to come together and to learn about stuff that (wrongfully so) we aren’t taught as much about in education.”