The benefits of studying at a multicultural university

Since joining London Met, I’ve been surrounded by and interacting with a large number of students with different stories and from various cultural backgrounds.

Date: 17 September 2019

My journey as a student at London Metropolitan University began two years ago when I enrolled on the Art and Design Extended Degree (now Art and Design (including foundation year) BA). 

Being in a multicultural environment has really helped me to adapt, fit in and integrate into university life. I’ve seen people who are going through what I've experienced, people who have left their motherlands behind, living away from their friends and family and I have felt that they understood what I’m feeling.

I have learnt a lot about London from British students too – I've learnt about English history, their slang and also their habits. It has felt like I’ve been exploring the world and experiencing its variety of cultures without travelling. I’ve tried different types of food and learnt about different cuisines.

I have seen how people pray, hold different beliefs and the many different ways they practice religion. I’ve been able to learn about the different journeys people have taken in order to come to university. I have seen people not giving up on education while having children to raise.

I have been surrounded by people who finished school and came straight to university, but also by mature students who decided to wait until later years to re-enter education.

I have met people with disabilities and mental illnesses and have seen how they express their condition through art.

I have been surrounded by people with great motivation and some people who lack motivation. I’ve also been able to see how people interpret tasks in different ways.

I've felt inspired.

The diversity of people and being in such a vibrant environment has helped me to connect my own pieces, understand myself better and relate to different habits and cultures. I became more tolerant and inclusive with a large variety of people. I became more open-minded. I have added places to see on my travel list. I have met people who give me a reason to get on a plane.

Another thing that I really liked and that makes my university life easier is the variety of teachers. We have teachers from all over the world and I think that this really helps students to integrate more and create a better relationship between teachers and students, which helps us do better and achieve more. I think this is important in a university because it removes any cultural barriers between the students and staff.

The cultural diversity at London Metropolitan University gives my degree even more value to me, knowing that I will always feel included and that I can always find someone that will understand and support me. I feel like this University represents London with its variety of people, cultures and backgrounds. It is like a home far away from home to its students, who get to collect and give a part of their story to other people.

Fine art student sat at the top of a hill sketching the scenery

"The diversity of people and being in such a vibrant environment has helped me to connect my own pieces, understand myself better and also relate to different habits and cultures."

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