My favourite places to hang out in London

My name is Alessio and I want to share with you some of the best places that I have hung out in London during my time at London Metropolitan University.

Date: 11 April 2019

London offers various places for meeting up and spending time with friends. I could write a list as long as an essay, but I have tried to be selective and give you what I consider to be the four most memorable places to visit!  

Knowhere Special

Located near Kentish Town Station, Knowhere Special is an exceptional underground cocktail bar, great for a night out. Only 20 minutes by bus from the University, it’s an excellent place for a few drinks after a long day of lectures and they offer mocktails too! To get in, you go through a small and well-hidden door and then downstairs to the basement where the bar is. There are a few seats at the bar, and there are three little alcove seating areas which provide a more secluded spot to sit with friends. I loved the unusual entrance and the vibes of the place and really enjoyed spending time here when I last visited.

The Nomadic Community Gardens

These secret and cheerful gardens are one the coolest I have ever seen in London. I can guarantee that you will drain your phone battery taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings – I know I did! In these gardens, you’ll find multiple random objects transformed into art including: a colourful van, a small boat, a campfire, a robot made of scrap, and little boxes of plants. There is a bar and café area with chairs and sofas where people can chill out and enjoy nature too. My favourite spot in the gardens is a small hub where there is a piano and a bookcase. This artistic green oasis is in Shoreditch which is no more than 30 minutes from all of London Met's campuses. 

The Vault

The Vault is near Tottenham Court Road Station which again is no longer than 30 minutes from any of the Uni's campuses. My friends and I discovered this bar through pure luck and it’s an excellent place for a cocktail night. Like Knowhere Special, the entrance is fairly hidden. I think this adds to the charm. The door is concealed behind a large bookcase at the end of a corridor and beyond this, stairs lead down to the basement. The bar has a chic and refined atmosphere and offers a vast array of cocktails.

Rooftop Terrace of the One New Change

One New Change shopping centre is near St. Paul’s station. If you take the lift up to the sixth floor, you’ll find the rooftop terrace, from which you will get a close-up view of St. Paul’s Cathedral dome. The sight of some of the most iconic buildings in London makes you feel like you could almost touch the skyline. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who loves picturesque settings. 

I hope this short guide will help you to discover new places and have a richer experience during your studies at London Metropolitan University.


View of St Pauls Cathedral

"London offers various places for meeting up and spending time with friends."

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