What I’ve learnt and my best advice

For me, university represented new people, a new country, a different educational system and, most of all, living on my own. Here are some of the things I've learnt.

Date: 20 March 2019

My name is Daria and I’m a London Met student. I have been part of London Met for two years now. The first year of university for me was the foundation year I took in art, media and design. These are some of the things I’ve learnt while embracing all these changes – which I hope will help new and future London Met students:

  1. Weblearn [London Met’s online learning environment] might look a little scary (seeing how much work you have to do) but it’s also one of the most useful things to use whilst at university.
  2. The MetCard app allows you to get discounts and free stuff at a variety of food and drink outlets around campus.
  3. People come and go – this is normal. You will have lots of good friends for short periods of time.
  4. Don’t keep renewing books from the library – some of them have quite a short time limit for their renewals. If you don’t keep an eye on this, there is a possibility you will start getting charged.
  5. Get used to living in the library. There are some days, usually around the exam periods, when the library is open 24 hours a day. Happy reading!
  6. It’s never a good idea to party the night before a uni day – you’ll never make it, or if you do, good luck with your headache.
  7. Uni parties can actually be fun! The Rocket is the usual venue at London Met. Why go there? Lower prices than the usual clubs, sometimes free entry and good music. It is an opportunity for you to meet people from different courses and campuses.
  8. Make time for yourself. Student life can get overwhelming so take some me-time.
  9. Embrace the multiculturality of student life in London and at London Met. You will always be surprised by the traditions and ways of living of your classmates – their cultures, beliefs and even culinary tastes.
  10. Even though nobody likes washing the dishes, carrying groceries and prefers ordering food, I would recommend making time to cook food from scratch. Not only does it taste better, it can also be a lot cheaper and healthier.
  11. Take care of your body, mind and spirit. Take a break whenever you need one. Leave London. Take a day trip somewhere. Don’t let things get too much.
  12. Learn what to prioritise and how to organise your time. You may even realise you enjoy doing the work and wish you had more time to get things done with a better result. Also, don’t say you’ll do it “later”. There is no “later”. The time is now!

I’m glad my uni days are not over yet – so many more societies to be part of, parties to attend, people to meet, creative work to do, views to see and things to learn. You’ll never get these moments back. Be grateful for everything in life. Enjoy!

The interior of London Met's library on its Holloway campus

"You’ll never get these moments back. Be grateful for everything in life."

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