What Black History Month means to me

We asked London Met students and staff what Black History Month means to them.

What Black History Month means to our students and staff

“Black history month is an occasion to appreciate the struggle of the past generations for freedom, a historical period for us to learn from as we seek to make our future a better and more inclusive one.” Ilyas - International Relations and Politics 

“Black history month means love to me, it means peace and happiness and finding friends and empathy in one another. It’s a beautiful time for people to come together and to learn about stuff that (wrongfully so) we aren’t taught as much about in education.” Jessica - Fashion Marketing and Journalism

“Black history month is a chance for us all to celebrate and share the rich heritage of various cultures, promoting understanding and diversity, ultimately breaking down the walls of fear and ignorance with knowledge and love.” Barry - Natural Science Chemistry

“Black history month is a chance to celebrate and promote the achievements of the black community whilst at the same time addressing and confronting the racism that still exists today." Richie - Documentary Film Production

"It is the time to remember what it means to be African and celebrating and thanking all Africans who gave us hope of a better life." Melany - Airline, Airport and Aviation Management

“BHM is so important in so many ways, this includes representation, celebration and integration, the key mission for me as an ally is to spread these celebrations of talents, history and recognition to society and help our students showcase these. I am very proud that we celebrate BHM but it should be celebrated every year, our mission as a SU and alongside the university,  is to increase student knowledge of social justice and knowledge of Black history. BHM to me is a celebration every day, not just the month.” Chrystalle - Students' Union President

“Black history month is a time to celebrate the wonderful achievements some of the most inspiring figures ever have achieved. Without them, walls and barriers wouldn't have been broken down, it’s such an important month in so many ways.” Aaron - Creative, Digital and Professional Writing

"What Black History Month means to me is, a time to focus on contiuned work, that recognises and celebrates achievements from a group of people that has been historically oppressed. It's a call to place a spolight on prolific figures and events that have been overlooked in regards to their contributions, so that we can all make an impact in changing the narrative of what we celebrate as History in moderen society." Matthew - 
Full-time Officer for Guildhall School of Business and Law and School of Human Sciences 
"Black History Month to me, is a time where we not only celebrate the great work of those who came before us but also recognise what other black people in our present time have and are achieving. Take for example Chadwick Boseman who played Black Panther - a black fictional superhero, who recently passed away from cancer he was truly expectional to the black community when it comes to representation in the media especially for young children, who took pride in having a black male represent them." Precious - Deputy Students' Union President/Full-time Officer for Computing and Digital Media and Art, Architecture and Design.
 Black History Month 365 with the word month crossed out

“Black History Month means love to me, it means peace and happiness and finding friends and empathy in one another."

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