University is more than just your textbooks

Our social media ambassador, Aaron, talks about why university is more than just studying and lessons.

Three to four years of study can seem like a long and daunting prospect. Will you be knee-deep in academic-related work for the entire time? No – university is so much more than just learning.

Expanding your social world

Something so unique about university is meeting new people. Not just meeting them but also really learning about them, such as their culture, their backstories and their life experiences.

No matter whether you’re fresh out of school/college or a mature student returning to education, everyone has a story. More importantly, and perhaps more significantly, everyone can learn from each other.

No two people will ever likely share the same background story at university, and with the rich diversity that London Met possesses, it really does make the institution a unique place.

During my time I have met the most interesting and influential people I will ever meet in my life. Mature students with experience in the media, the military and so many more industries. Sitting and listening to those people share their stories and experiences is something that has helped me along the way.

Opportunities far and wide

One of the most overlooked aspects at university is the opportunities which are everywhere during your studies.

Societies and sports are there to be taken advantage of. While it’s a great way to make friends with common interests, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to gain experiences that could be valuable to your career.

I was curious enough to walk into the Students’ Union and enquire about Verve Media. Little did I know almost three-and-a-half years later, I would have spent two years as the editor-in-chief of the magazine, as well hosting my own radio show.

Last year I applied to become a social media ambassador, not knowing what was to be the outcome. However, a year later, I am having so much fun writing student blogs and working with the marketing team!

It’s the slightest peek through a door that might open other doors for you, which can lead to a world of opportunities. These may only come around once and so don’t turn them down! Knock on every door and don’t be afraid to open them yourself sometimes.

Take every day as it comes – be open to change

There will be times where you might feel as if everything is too much. Okay no problem, just remember to take a step back and think. Don’t make any rash decisions and most certainly don’t give up. You made it to university because you worked hard enough. You’re worth more now that you’re studying at higher education level. So always remember that you are at this difficult point for a reason – never forget that.

I vividly remember telling myself halfway through my first ever semester in November 2017 that I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t going to finish. But at the moment I realised I got to university because I earned it, everything clicked – and my motivation has been unphased ever since.

Your years at university will tell you a lot about yourself and you will learn a lot that you didn’t know before. Be open to that change and embrace it. It could be the best thing to ever happen.

Your path will become clear

Coinciding with your career path, your path in life will become clear and this is the most important thing that happened to me.

You will understand what kind of person you are and in what direction you intend to go. At the same time, you’ll also be able to make changes to who you are, especially if you know that changes have to be made.

At times, it might be hard to come to terms with something, especially change, but that isn’t a bad thing as long as you accept it for the better. Your time at university will be full of ups and downs, so be prepared for the good and bad times, because it will shape the person you are.

We all have our own character and it will be tested. The strongest characters in life are open to change and can accept that not everything will stay the same forever.

Photo credit: Rii Schroer

Aaron standing against a fence.

"Three to four years of study can seem like a long and daunting prospect. Will you be knee-deep in academic-related work for the entire time? No – university is so much more than just learning."

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