The positive experiences of online learning

Here our students share their positive experiences of adapting to learning online.

Our students' experiences of learning and studying from home

"One positive experience I would highlight is how engaged and proactive all of the lecturers have been. Their communication has been excellent and they've been incredibly supportive during this tough time. I've found them to be readily available and offering extra sessions – even during the Easter break! They're checking in to make sure we're all coping okay and they take the time to upload many helpful resources that we may otherwise be unable to access. This level of support and commitment to the students makes such a difference in these strange times." Claire – Sociology and Social Policy student

"I have been provided with short and decisive help. My tutors have been there if I need them and have been available via Zoom. At first, I never thought it would have worked as well as it has but it has been very useful." Aaron – Journalism student

"The most positive part of this online learning experience has been the time that we have gained from not having to travel from one place to another. Also, as an art and design student, it's been useful to have access to all my work and personal supplies." Daria – Illustration and Animation student.

"One of the many benefits of online learning is that you can manage your time based off of your daily schedule, which makes it more convenient while managing other situations caused by the pandemic. In addition to this, the availability of lecturers and tutors has increased massively. Answers or feedback regarding topics and modules are given in a very short amount of time." Robeal – Psychology student

"Learning online has created a new dynamic of communication between myself and lecturers. My lecturers have also created Skype accounts so we can talk to them during office hours, which is extremely helpful." Yasmeen – International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies student

"The flexible schedule and the availability of online library resources." Sasha – Teaching Languages (English) student

"Studying from home has given me the ability to dictate the tempo of my learning, as I can spend as much time on topics as I need to understand them. It has also meant that I am able to work from the comfort of my own home and save some money on travel." Nils – Psychology student

"I've been enjoying learning online since it gives me the possibility to have some extra sleep as I live about an hour away from Uni. I also enjoy being able to manage my own time more efficiently." Maria – Journalism student

"It's easier to put much more focus on assignments that are due as the online lectures are very clear." Holly – Photojournalism student

"It has given me the time to do some yoga, have me-time and fit in a walk before working." Traci – London Met student

"Being able to organise myself in my own time." Shay – Fashion Marketing and Business Management student

"A great example is the wellbeing page that Denise Turner set up for her students. It has reached across the globe and it's helping us to stay in touch whilst we can't meet." Andrew – Social Work student

A student typing at a laptop

We're missing seeing everyone on campus but the most important thing during these unprecedented times is that our students and staff are all staying home and staying safe. 

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