What studying in a multicultural environment means to me

The first thing about the University that attracted my attention was the diversity of ethnic backgrounds present around the campus.

Date: 21 June 2019

In my first lecture, I was amazed to share the class with 15 other students coming from every continent. My class was a small world: so many students with different ethnic backgrounds who share the same space and interact with each other.  

I am Italian and I did my undergraduate course in my native country Italy. Even if there were a few students who came from other countries across Europe, they represented a minority. Therefore, the multicultural environment treasured by London Met was one of the real distinctions from my previous university. It was only when I first stepped into the University that I comprehended the name London Metropolitan University – the name represents London itself, vibrant, multicultural and open.

The exciting part is that London Met fosters multicultural relationships between students through many types of events. In my first semester, I met a group of Americans, thanks to my Austrian classmates who met them through a few events organised by the University. We all started to spend time together. Our International WhatsApp group has become more multicultural with students from France, Malaysian, Ghana and many other countries.

We had our funny moments when I was trying to speak German and repeat what my Austrian classmates were saying in their languages, and I have to confess that I was satisfied when I had my revenge hearing them pronounce Italian words with their accents! The fact is that we are all proud of our ethnic backgrounds, we are glad showing each other little corners of our native countries represented in London. I can say now that I know a few charming American diners and French bakeries in London thanks to my classmates!

Moreover, beyond the fun of mingling with students from all over the world, I firmly believe that these international relationships have helped my personal growth and my capability to approach different cultures. Along with the technical and practical skills gained studying at London Met, I consider this global experience as an invaluable resource which has enriched my cultural knowledge. Indeed, spending time with students with diverse backgrounds has enhanced my cultural awareness, opened my mind and challenged me with different perspectives.   

Especially when we collaborated in workshops – it was always interesting seeing how my classmates approached the different topics. I have particularly enjoyed the class workshops and most of the time there have been constructive comparisons.

Studying at London Met has allowed me to study in a supportive and multicultural environment, and I am aware that once this chapter of my life is finished, I will continue to cultivate my international friendships! Moreover, seeing that I am a travel lover, I will take advantage of these friendships to discover new places around the world.

Alessio walking on campus

"My class was a small world: so many students with different ethnic backgrounds who share the same space and interact with each other."

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